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So here we are. Just over a week before the big day.

By this time all 31 NHL teams will have seen every one of the below names more than a couple times, finished up their amateur scout meetings, met with dozens of these prospects, and have put together ’The List’ of who they want to add to their team’s prospect pool in order. The GM, directors of scouting, cross-over scouts and regional guys have all had their say and come up with a best available list of just around 100 names.

Our final draft rankings, hammered out by eleven DraftPro contributors from around the globe as one cohesive scouting department, encompasses the entire draft, all 217 picks, to give you some insight into who we feel will eventually become contributors at the NHL level.

Don’t forget to also grab your copy of the Draft Prospects Hockey 2019 Guide. https://draftprospectshockey.wordpress.com/2019/06/03/2019-draftpro-guide/

Without further ado here are the DraftPro 2019 final rankings.

2019 DraftPro Final Rankings