Upper Midwest High School Elite League Report

The Upper Midwest High School Elite League (UMHSEHL) is played each year in the fall before the Minnesota High School season starts and boosts some of the best Minnesota players many of whom are eligible for this or next seasons NHL Draft.

With the league wrapping up play, DraftPro thought that it was a good time to report on some the top NHL draft eligible players and notable future draft picks. 

Luke Kron F #11 MPLS St. 5’11” 170 Lbs DOB 05-24-2002

19/20 Team: USHS-MN Andover Huskies 

One of the league’s top point producers, tied for second overall, Luke has increased his stock going into the 19/20 season with his performance this fall. Playing center most of the time, Luke has been responsible at both ends of the ice supporting any line he plays on. With over half his points being assists, it shows he can protect the puck and dish it to open line mates anywhere on the ice. He is an elite skater with good acceleration and a strong motor. Has the ability to carry and handle the puck with speed putting pressure on the other team and opening lanes for his line mates.  Has good vision and hockey IQ like Bergeron of the Bruins. Luke was used on both the PP and PK. Looks to have lots of upside and a player to watch this season. 

Noah Tussey F #23 MPLS St. 5’11” 175 Lbs DOB 06-18-2002

19/20 Team: USHS-MN Stillwater / USHL Sioux City Musketeers – committed to UoM 

Plays an aggressive straight-line game with speed and a mix of offensive skills. With almost a point per game and more goals than assists Noah benefits from finding loose pucks in from of the net or finishing off a nice pass. I would consider him a power forward at this level, playing a heavy game finishing check’s and battling in the corners and front of the net. Noah has maybe under performed as an elite player and has a lot to prove going into the season to his respective Jr and college commits. He needs to show his game will translate to the next level. 

Carsen Richels F #17 MPLS St. 6’2” 201 Lbs DOB 10-03-2001

19/20 Team: USHS-MN Blaine – committed to New Hampshire

Carsen is a big body winger with pro like skills, very strong in traffic and controls the puck down low. His net-front presence is unmatched at this level due to his ability to find loose puck and making plays in tight spaces. Always an offensive thread due to his vision and ability get to the net or find the open man quickly. High upside at the next level either at Jr or when he joins New Hampshire. 

Ben Steeves F #13 TDS 5’8” 150 Lbs DOB 05-10-2002

19/20 Team: USHS-MN Eden Prairie / USHL Lincoln Stars

Skilled, fast forward with great vision and hockey IQ. Ben’s skating ability helps him overcome his smaller size. Able to move in and out of lanes finding soft areas to make plays or get open for a shot. His game is like Cole Caulfield now at UoW and translated from U16 Tier 1 to this heaver league, leading his team in points, this will be a good steppingstone to maybe earning a NHL draft pick. Note: Ben moved to Minnesota this summer and will play for Eden Prairie in the USHS-MN league with both the Mittelstadt bothers John and Luke. Eden Prairie will be very strong this year looking to revenge their 2019 lost in the MN HS 2A state championship game. 

Joe Miller F #21 TDS 5’9” 150 Lbs DOB 09-15-2002

19/20 Team: USHS-MN Blake School / USHL Chicago Steel – committed to UoM

Joe is a smaller player, but quick and good with the puck. Plays a speedy game like other smaller players such as Kane, Gaudreau and Cole Caufield. Joe will be a player to watch this season and should continue to increase his draft stock. 

Drew Holt F #25 Twin Citi 5’8” 165 Lbs DOB 07-02-2002

19/20 Team: USHS-MN Eden Prairie 

Drew is an interesting player; I would describe his game like Martin St. Louis or Gallagher. Has a big motor and always in the mix. Like all these elite smaller players his skating allows him to play a big game, but you will find Drew in the corners winning battles and making plays.  I really like Drew’s game and his line mates benefit from his play. Drew should have a great season playing with a strong Eden Prairie team. Big potential at the next level. 

Jackson Hallum F #25 Map South 6’0” 170 Lbs DOB 09-08-2002

19/20 Team: USHS-MN St. Thomas

Bigger body player with nice version and Hockey IQ. Tied for second in league scoring at 1.5 ppg pace with equal goals and assists, shows he can finish as well as setup line mates like Monahan of the Flames. Should have a big season at St. Thomas and see a lot of ice time. One to keep an eye on.

John Mittelstadt F #9 Map South 5’8” 155 Lbs DOB 10-01-2001

19/20 Team: USHS-MN Eden Prairie / USHL Green Bay Gamblers – committed to UoM 

John has been a good depth player with less than a ppg. His skill set is elite like his bothers, but his ability to finish and hit the net is yet to be seen consistently. Works hard in all 3 zones and seams fine to play more of a defensive role than utilizing his offensive prowess. I like his game, but not sure it will translate to the next level even though he is committed to UoM and on the NHL CS list. Needs a big season with a strong Eden Prairie team this year. 

Future NHL prospects 

Nick Pierre F #7 Map South 5’9” 170 Lbs DOB 04-09-2004

19/20 Team: USHS-MN Hill Murray – committed to UoW

One of the youngest in the league, Nick is a high-level talent finishing tied for second in league scoring with 1.5 ppg. Has all the offensive tools to be successfully at the next level. Will be a 2020 USHL 1st round draft pick and sure to be listed on the 2021 NHL central scouting report.

Jackson Blake F #9 Twin Citi 5’8” 135 Lbs DOB 08-03-2003

19/20 Team: USHS-MN Eden Prairie / USHL Chicago Steel – committed to North Dakota

Jackson is like a Stealth Bomber; you don’t notice him on the ice and then boom the pucks in the net. Leading the league in goals and more than a ppg he has shown his game translates to the next level. A very skilled player who plays the game like Gaudreau of Calgary and the ability to create turnovers and steal pucks like Datsyuk did back in the day. Should have a big year on the Strong Edan Prairie team. Played for the USA ‘03 5 nations team.

Luke Mittelstadt D #12 Map South 5’11” 185 Lbs DOB 01-22-2003

19/20 Team: USHS-MN Edan Prairie / USHL Madison capitols – committed to UoM

Luke unlike his older brothers plays defense but still has and same elite skills. As a defenseman he can create offensive opportunities by skating the puck or making the all critical 1st pass. Defends well by using good positioning and his stick to fill passing lanes. Wins battles in the corners and holds the offensive blue line. Used on the PK and quarterbacks the PP. Luke was invited to NTDP 40 camp and played for the USA 03 5 nations team.  Should have a big year on the strong Edan Prairie team. 

Other Notable players eligible for the 2020 NHL entry draft to watch:

Matthew Gleason F #15 Map South 5’8” 155 Lbs DOB 09-20-2001

19/20 Team: USHS-MN Cretin Derham Hall – committed to Colorado College

Jonny Meiers F #17 Map South 5’9” 175 Lbs DOB 07-15-2002

19/20 Team: USHS-MN Eagan / Sioux Falls Stampede – committed to Colorado College

Luke Levandowski F #17 TDS 5’11” 155 Lbs DOB 09-26-2002

19/20 Team: USHS-MN Rosemount / USHL Chicago Steel – committed to UoW

Jack Smith F #21 Sanford Power 5’11” 185 Lbs DOB 07-06-2002

19/20 Team: USHS-MN St Cloud Cathedral / USHL Sioux Falls – committed to Minnesota Duluth

Hudson Hodges G #30 Sanford Power 6’1” 170 Lbs DOB 11-11-2001

19/20 Team: USHS-MN Moorhead High

Report by Terry Wheaton

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