As we anxiously await July 23 & 24 and the 2021 NHL Draft to come, our crew is back at it watching video on next year’s crop, breaking down the prospects and getting an idea on NHL potentials, and we are excited for what the 2022 NHL Draft class has shown us and will bring to the table.

Below are some profiles and video highlights starting with the top three ranked prospects in Draft Prospects Hockey sneak peek, you can find loads more in our 2021 NHL Draft Guide and Yearbook on the 2022 class. We give you a small taste of the top end guys that NHL teams will be clamoring to call their names at the draft podium twelve months from now in Montreal Quebec.

During the summer we will be adding another handful of video highlight packages of the 2022 top prospects to our YouTube page so be sure to check it out and subscribe.

“A franchise talent. High-end skater, balanced, quick, has excellent edgework. Impressive intelligence and situational awareness, both with and without the puck. Pro grade offensive skills including a cannon of a shot. Can let his release go midstride, at top speed. Dangerous one timer that he can really get some heat on. Elite vision with the puck and makes his wingers better by giving them the puck in positions to succeed. Quick hands and decision making. Responsible 200-foot player. Sets the tempo. Elite positioning. Is not afraid to finish his checks. All-Star potential.” – 2021 DraftPro Guide


“Offensive center with McDavidesque type speed. Impressive stride with power, agility, and sharp edge control. A play driver who pushes the offensive attack. Excellent vision, decision making and timing on his passes. Can thread passes between legs and under sticks. Slick hands and often dangles defenders senseless with his ridiculous puck skills at top speed. Big shot that he gets off in a nanosecond. Heavy wrister and dangerous one timer. Needs to hit the gym and add some muscle. Consistent defensive effort could improve. Future top line NHLer.” – 2021 DraftPro Guide


“Impressively quick, dynamically, heads up skilled center. Possesses elite skating ability. Burner speed that he hits with just a couple of quick steps. Excellent edgework. Super creative with the puck and can dance through traffic with dekes and jukes. High IQ and skilled playmaking. Remarkable vision. Finds open lanes and reads the developing play. Agile and shifty. Skilled at the art of puck steals. Small but sturdy, can body guys off the puck. He has a tremendously accurate shot, with a disguised release. High-end offensive point producer at the NHL level.” – 2021 DraftPro Guide


“Intelligent, poised, mature, two-way defender. Smooth stride, strong all-encompassing mobility, and dynamic acceleration. Offensively he is more smart than creative. Quick transition game. Can move the puck with a pass or rush it. Distributes the puck accurately and smartly. Has a big shot and puts it in position to allow for tips. Reads and reacts quickly. He keeps good gaps and closes off lanes. Very smart. Uses his positioning and stick to defend more than being physical. Plays a very clean game but can apply force when needed. Has top pairing NHL upside.” – 2021 DraftPro Guide


“Highly skilled, energetic, power winger. Strong skating stride with impressive first steps and acceleration for a big man. A beast in the corners and along the wall. Strong forechecker. Loves to play the body and throw his weight around. Great attitude. Possesses a heavy, accurate wrist-shot. Smart. Uses his reach and strength to hold off pressure or create space to make a play. Plays a mature game. Has a two-way mindset. A very complete player. Needs to be more selfish and shot each opportunity. A potential big strong two-way NHL power winger.” – 2021 DraftPro Guide


For DraftPro’s top 64 ranking and prospect profiles on the top 32 prospects eligible for the 2022 NHL Draft pick up a copy of either our comprehensive 2021 DraftPro Guide or our extensive 2021 DraftPro Yearbook which includes hundreds of actual game reports.

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