By DraftPro Staff

The team at DraftPro was able to get together last week and make some best guesses at what NHL teams will do come the 2024 NHL Draft this month. It is a fun little exercise as we pull out our crystal balls and makes all seven rounds worth of selections for the NHL teams we represented.

Trades were allowed for the first round but even with a ton of discussion no one felt comfortable pulling the trigger on a deal. Each participant was asked to make picks using any inside information gathered from the rink, gut feelings based off what they observe, and balance that with team tendencies and team needs.

Picking for this mock are the below DraftPro contributors:

Dan Stewart – Director & Managing Editor
Andy Miller – NA Regional Scout
Colin Johnson – NA Regional Scout
Seth Ditchfield – NA Regional Scout
Zach Morris – NA Regional Scout
Samuel Laplante – NA Regional Scout
Murray Caldwell – NA Regional Scout
Joseph Stanislau – NA Regional Scout
Brogan Houston – NA Regional Scout
Tyler Willard – NA Regional Scout
Isaiah Bouchard – Editorial Content

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So, with that intro, San Jose is on the clock…


1. San Jose Sharks – Macklin Celebrini, C, Boston University (NCAA)

SUMMARY: With a deep forward prospect pool of William Eklund, Will Smith, Thomas Bordeleau, Filip Bystedt, and many others, the addition of Macklin Celebrini has firmly placed the San Jose Sharks a cut above the rest in terms of offensive prospects. Celebrini adds a very crucial piece of offensive reliability, confidence, and versatility that every GM wants as a part of their organization. His high IQ play is going to mesh greatly with the already sharp William Eklund. And his steady hand is going to blend perfectly with Will Smith’s flashy style. With the coveted #1 overall pick the Sharks forward depth is looking golden, and with the rest of their picks they can focus on defense and goaltending. Two categories the Shark’s depth is sadly lacking in. – Isaiah Bouchard

2. Chicago Blackhawks – Ivan Demidov, RW, SKA 1946 St. Petersburg (MHL)

SUMMARY: Like the Sharks the Hawks have a deep talent pool and many draft picks in this draft.  Clearly with last years selection of Bedard they put the rebuild on the potential fast track.  With Demidov on Bedard’s wing the line would be incredibly hard to cover and in a year or two when he arrives would improve Bedard’s point production. Demidov will have the ability to play with Bedard due to his speed, IQ and high end skill set.  While tempting to select a defender they do have some good young ones, Korhcinski, Rinzel and Del Mastro in the pipeline and some excellent options for their next selection.  He has the potential to be a game breaking forward which is one are the Blackhawks need to attempt to fill at this draft. – Andy Miller

3. Anaheim Ducks – Artyom Levshunov, RD, Michigan State University (NCAA)

SUMMARY: After trading RD Jamie Drysdale for Cutter Gauthier, and bulking up a forward core of Leo Carlsson, Trevor Zegras, Mason McTavish, and co, Pat Verbeek has been open about wanting to strengthen the right side, and what better way to start than with Artyom Levshunov? A truck on the ice, he powers through opponents, using his pure power and skill to get the results he wants. Levshunov’s game shines in transition, with an ability to win races that is simply unbelievable. Despite his size, he still moves shockingly well; his acceleration surprises opponents, and he’s a force on the offensive side, seamlessly jumping into plays. With his knack for activating offensively and delivering quick, powerful shots, Levshunov adds the potential impact the Ducks need, and they can afford to be patient. – Seth Ditchfield

4. Columbus Blue Jackets – Cayden Lindstrom, C/RW, Medicine Hat (WHL)

SUMMARY: Ideally the Jackets would look to trade down and regain the 2nd rounder they lost in the Provorov deal last summer, but with their pick they will look to sure up the lack of Center depth and size within the organization. The abundance of high end and high expectation Defence prospects makes it difficult to fit in another. Lindstrom is 6’4, 216lbs and offers the Jackets a high upside player with both his physicality and goal scoring prowess. He dealt with injury, missing nearly the entire second half of the season yet still managed 27-19-46 in 32 GP. Lindstrom’s skill, size, and aggressiveness exhibits a Power Forward game that any team would want and he will be a great 1-2 punch with Fantilli. – Colin Johnson

5. Montreal Canadiens – Berkly Catton, C, Spokane (WHL)

SUMMARY: Montreal already has a huge prospect pool on defense with last year’s selection of David Reinbacher, Lane Hutson, Logan Mailloux and Kaiden Ghule. It was clear that their choice this year was a forward. They could have looked at selecting Lindstrom if he was still available, but they chose the player with the most skills in this draft. Catton is a dynamic player who can bring a lot of offense, which is exactly what Montreal need to complete their top 6 and drive the offense. He can do everything offensively, which is why he could certainly play alongside players like Caufield and Slafkovsky. – Samuel Laplante

6. UTAH NHL –Zayne Parekh, D, Saginaw Spirit (OHL)

SUMMARY: Utah’s prospect pool is full of big, physical guys. Although Parekh doesn’t fit that bill, he’ll certainly have the protection he needs to be able to do what he does best: Move the puck. Parekh is an excellent two-way defender, scoring the 12th-most goals by a defenseman in OHL history this year. Many have compared him to Erik Karlsson, although his play in the defensive zone is leaps and bounds ahead of EK65. Parekh ended his OHL days on the best note possible: winning the Memorial Cup with the Saginaw Spirit. Now he moves on to the NHL. – Brogan Houston

7. Ottawa Senators –Sam Dickinson, D, London (OHL)

SUMMARY: Ottawa should be looking for a defenseman for this selection. With the top-6 core forming at forward, as well as the likely departure of Chychrun, Ottawa will have a very talented defenseman with their 7th pick. Dickinson is a very good two-way defenseman who can move the puck very well. Very good in his zone and supports the attack very well. Has great offensive skills, which is what Ottawa needs. Even though he’s a left-handed defenseman, he’s already played on the right side in London this season. He’s a very complete defender. An excellent one-two punch with Sanderson and can learn a lot from Chabot. – Samuel Laplante

8. Seattle Kraken – Anton Silayev, D, Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod, (KHL)

SUMMARY: The Seattle Kraken needed a big defenseman for the long-term that will help them for many years to build up their farm system on the defensive end who can bring a bigger presence. The Kraken desperately need to build up their defensive presence in the pipeline as they build a great foundation that can potentially push them over the regular season and become a wild card team. They already have drafted Matty Beniers, and Shane Wright. It’s time to build that Emerald Blue Line. – Joseph Stanislau

9. Calgary Flames – Tij Iginla, C, Kelowna

SUMMARY: Calgary is in a position where they need a little bit of everything. For this selection, they’ll be going with a dynamic, competitive player who has the potential to score a lot of goals in the NHL. This is the choice that fans in Calgary want most in drafting Jerome Iginla’s son. With the U-18 championship, he has confirmed that he belongs in the top 10 for this draft. He already has the ethics of an NHL player. – Samuel Laplante

10. New Jersey Devils – Michael Brandsegg-Nygard, RW, Mora IK (HockeyAllsvenskan)

SUMMARY: The Devil’s already have a plethora of defenseman and they need a forward who has really good shooting capabilities. Someone who plays very physical and can absolutely be a beast and not a regular season and the playoffs Michael brings that RH Timo Meier strong forechecker who can score big too. The New Jersey Devils have Dawson Mercer, who has already been very reliable center winger to a player, and the New Jersey Devils could use a more physical version of him who can also score goals. – Joseph Stanislau

11. Buffalo Sabres – Beckett Sennecke, RW, Oshawa Generals (OHL)

SUMMARY: The Sabres have amassed a plethora of offensive talent up front and built one of the strongest young defensive corps in the NHL during this long stretch outside of the NHL Playoffs. They are looking to get a little bigger in their prospect pool as the high-skill names they have added recently have been average or less in physical stature. They opt for the bigger bodied yet not overly physical goal scorer from the OHL with their first pick in the 2024 NHL Draft with Oshaws’s Sennecke who also fills a need for an injection of skill on the right side. – Dan Stewart

12. Philadelphia Flyers – Trevor Connelly, LW, Tri-City Storm (USHL)

SUMMARY: Having one of the most dynamic skating skillsets in his draft class, Connelly’s speed and smart skating will allow him to fill a versatile role on the Flyers roster. His elite level skating and playmaking abilities will pair nicely with a hard-hitting Cutter Gauthier or highly dangerous Matvei Michkov. He will also pair well defensively with the speedier defensemen in the Flyers prospect pool such as Oliver Bonk. Overall Connelly is a very safe selection for a Flyers roster who is looking to add depth to their pool of forwards, As well as be a constantly present name on Philidelphia’s roster no matter what line he plays on. – Isaiah Bouchard

13. Minnesota Wild – Zeev Buium, D, University of Denver (NCAA)

SUMMARY: The Wild have truly diversified their prospect pool when it comes to drafting Charlie Stramel, Liam Ohgren and Danila Yurov, they are looking to add more depth and mobility as their veteran blueliners are aging bit by bit and the main Dman of the future is Brock Faber. Not only the Wild solve a positional need, Zeev Buium at 13th is considered to be the best player available as he is arguably the most mobile defenseman of this draft class. He was the main catalyst of why Denver won the Frozen Four. – Tyler Willard

14. San Jose Sharks (From PIT) – Carter Yakemchuk, RD, Calgary Hitmen, WHL

SUMMARY:  Yakemchuk is a player who offers excellent offensive pressure for his team, and his play at the blueline will make him a highly suitable Sharks defensemen in the near future. Many praise Yakemchuk’s two-way style, his puck protection, and excellent playmaking and sniping abilities. Had it not been for consistency and confidence issues, Yakemchuk could have very well been a top 5 pick in this draft. But with highly confident players in William Eklund, Will Smith, and now the new star power in Macklin Celebrini, Yakemchuk’s biggest weakness becomes nullified within the Shark’s roster. That coupled with exciting defensive prospects in Henry Thrun and Mario Ferraro, Yakemchuk will slot in quite nicely on a future Sharks opening night roster. – Isaiah Bouchard

15. Detroit Red Wings – Cole Eiserman, LW, U.S. National U18 Team (NTDP)

SUMMARY: With the Wings close but no cigar to making the playoffs this past year there is starting to look like signs of life once again in Motown. GM Steve Yzerman is at that point where he can explore trades to get the team back into the playoffs faster or continue to add young assets like this in an effort to continue growing the depth of the future roster. They have lines in the water for some trades but ultimately love the goal scoring potential Eiserman brings. They feel he can learn to add missing two-way elements as he progresses in his development. – Dan Stewart

16. St. Louis Blues – Konsta Helenius, C/RW, Jurkurit (Liiga)

SUMMARY: At 16 there are plenty of ways the Blues can go, reacting to the Draft board will be key. With arguably the most Pro-Ready player in the Draft falling to #16, it is a no brainer the Blues go “best player available” and select Konsta Helenius. He is a slightly undersized forward that plays a tremendous 2-way game and has a future as a stable 200ft Centreman in a middle/top-6 role. He put up the 4th highest point per game season of any Draft eligible player to come out of the Liiga. The Blues make the no brainer selection and add another high upside forward to their already growing crop of future forward talent. And he fits nicely with his IQ and playmaking abilities alongside the likes of Snuggerud, Dvorsky, and Stenberg. – Colin Johnson

17. Washington Capitals – Liam Greentree, RW, Windsor (OHL)

SUMMARY: The Capitals have limited prospects in the pipeline and need to restock the cupboard that began last year with nabbing Ryan Leonard and Andrew Cristall.  Greentree is a player with high end skill good speed and a decent shot.  He is not Ovechkin but has some good offensive tools that could help the Capitals rebuild after he passes his prime.  He is a very talented player who is exceptional in the offensive zone and has great vision and an ability to get the puck to goal scorers or finish the play off himself.  He will be a few years away but could become a top six key for years in the US Capital. – Andy Miller

18. Chicago Blackhawks (From NYI) – Aron Kiviharju, D, HIFK (Liiga)

SUMMARY: While they really need RHD, LHD Kiviharju ticks the boxes that they need on the back end.  He is a lock to be a top four defender and could be a top two pair if everything goes right.  He is a strong puck moving defenseman who makes great reads.  He sees the game at a high level and could potentially play on the right side if needed.  He will complement other players particularly up front with his ability to exit the zone with one quick pass.  He is a player who is quick to decide and works hard too.  He is not the strongest at defending but this is certainly an area he can improve. – Andy Miller

19. Vegas Golden Knights – Adam Jiricek, D, HC Plzen (Czechia)

SUMMARY: When looking at the Knights blueline, they certainly seem complete, however it would be very nice to have some stability on the right side as Pietrangelo’s game starts to decrease over time. With Jiricek, you gain a very similar style of player. Even though he had some injury trouble throughout the season, boy he is certainly not a mistake to pass up on as he displays the combination of skating and physicality to a tee with a small offensive touch. When looking at the knights prospect pool, they are definitely lacking as they recently traded many of their picks at the deadline, value wise, Jiricek truly fits the ballot of maximizing draft value. – Tyler Willard

20. New York Islanders (From CHI/TBL) – Sacha Boisvert, C, Muskegon Lumberjacks (USHL)

SUMMARY: The Islanders are needing to refill the cupboard and they can begin this in this draft even at #20 due to the deep draft. Boisvert gives the Islanders a potential top six forward who is dynamic and highly skilled.   While he will likely cause Coach Roy to pull out his hair at times with his defensive play, he will also pull the Islander faithful out of their seats.  he has great vision and is an excellent skater which is a key in this era of the NHL. He has good vision and makes good decisions with puck offensively. – Andy Miller

21. Los Angeles Kings – Emil Hemming, RW, TPS (Liiga)

SUMMARY: Our scouts feel Emil is the most versatile forward on either side of the ocean…extremely intelligent when it comes to playmaking…a natural puck distributor…has a set of hands not comparable to anyone at this age…tremendously gifted & he is so calm when in control of the puck…confidence written all over him with his body language…can shoot off his back foot with deadly accuracy…great edges that will turn a Dman inside out…from a toe drag to a flip of the puck & retrieval on the other side…doesn’t show off his explosive speed until he has the puck then look out…he makes those decision so incredibly quick…a physical presence that will add the toughness that the Kings need. The versatility he will provide will transfer from up and down a line up…hockey IQ…reads & reacts…hard work ethic…drive…poise…anticipation…creative…competent…stamina of a camel…a very big motor…we see so much potential from his size to his readiness to play at the next level. – Murray Caldwell

22. Nashville Predators – Michael Hage, C, Chicago Steel (USHL)

SUMMARY: The Nashville Predators are open to taking offensive swings, and there are slim to none better than Michael Hage at this stage. His upside is significant, and when he’s healthy, he’s a dynamic force with a potential 2C ceiling. Hage is a dynamic rush attacker, combining inside drives, flashy dekes, and give-and-go playmaking. A crossover burst gets defenders’ feet moving, then he looks for vulnerabilities. He fakes wide, cuts in, and accelerates to the net. Twenty-five of Hage’s goals came in the second half of the season, driven by his ability to create space for his shot. His fakes and angle changes force defenders and goalies to adjust, making his off-the-pass shot just as dangerous. – Seth Ditchfield

23. Toronto Maple Leafs – Henry Mews, D, Ottawa 67’s (OHL)

SUMMARY: The Leafs are looking to improve their defensive prospect pool, lacking a true offensive defensemen in the pipeline. After the playoffs this year it was evident that the team needs more puck-moving defensemen. Mews can check that box and can bring a lot more for the club. He finished the season just under a point-per-game player as a defensemen. His playmaking and passing ability are one of the highlights of his game. He has excellent vision and is a great powerplay quarterback. He is a player who can come in a few years and give a big offensive boost to the blue line while also providing defensive stability. – Zach Morris

24. Colorado Avalanche – Andrew Basha, LW, Medicine Hat Tigers (WHL)

SUMMARY: With the Colorado Avalanche being as dominant as they are, a great way to continue the forward thrive is to draft a highly energetic diverse forward, Andrew Basha fits the ballot to a tee. Playing with Gavin McKenna and Cayden Lindstrom, Basha truly understands what it takes to be fast and diverse for the Medicine Hat tigers. A great value pick who could be a very diverse middle 6 forward who could put up the points. – Tyler Willard

25. Ottawa Senators (From DET/BOS) – Charlie Elick, D, Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)

SUMMARY: Another defenseman falls to Ottawa, but this time a right-handed one. With Sanderson, Dickinson and now Elick, Ottawa will have a fine defense for years to come. Elick is a good shutdown defender who can play physical and plays very smart. He may not have the greatest offensive skills and statistics, but his defensive game will enable him to support Sanderson or Dickinson. I’ll now make the selection for Montreal. –

26. Montreal Canadiens (From WPG) – Igor Chernyshov, LW, Moskva (KHL)

SUMMARY: Montreal need it to add some size in their offense. Chernyshov will be able to add that in their roster. Plays a very smart and mature game. Very good at using his physical game to win battles along the boards. A good passer, moves very well, good shot and attacks the game with pace and power. Competes hard on all areas of the ice. May not have the same statistical dominance in the KHL as in the MHL, but he’ll take time to develop his game. Very good value pick, even with the Russian factor. He could very well support Montreal’s top 6. – Samuel Laplante

27. Carolina Hurricanes – Stian Solberg, D, Vålerenga (Norway)

SUMMARY: The Canes continue to look to add talent in regions and areas around the world that not all NHL teams are comfortable making high selections from. The Canes brass have built solid depth of both wingers and defensemen in the team’s system with a couple of them high end upside prospects. They love the skill and physicality that this talented and feisty left-shot defender brings and are proud to add him to their prospect cupboard. – Dan Stewart

28. Calgary Flames (From VAN) – Cole Hutson, D, U.S. NATIONAL U18 TEAM (NTDP)

SUMMARY: Calgary now has a nice pool of attacking prospects with Iginla, Zary, Coronato and Pelletier. But has nothing exciting on defense. Now, with the selection of Hutson, they’ll have a mobile defenseman capable of supporting the attack. With a very good offensive IQ, he’s capable of being a very good playmaker. He’ll be able to handle the power play well. He doesn’t have the potential to be the number 1 defenseman in this roster, but he could be part of an interesting core in a top 4. – Samuel Laplante

29. Dallas Stars – Cole Beaudoin, C, Barrie Colts (OHL)

SUMMARY: From the Barrie Colts a player we feel will develop into an F6 power forward for his tenacity on the boards and his effective playmaking. He has the ability to score off the rush from either entry zone. With Jamie Benn and Tyler Sequin here to mentor him, in a few years we feel he will be playing a big role for both our PP and PK. – Murray Caldwell

30. New York Rangers – EJ Emery D (NTDP)

SUMMARY: The Rangers continue to bolster an already strong defense core by adding one of the best rush defenders in the class, EJ Emery. If the Rangers know one thing, it’s how to develop defensemen, and Emery showcased his potential at the U18s. Attackers can’t shake him. A high-end skater, Emery follows every maneuver with perfect footwork. While he occasionally loses his man in the defensive zone, his attention to detail and coachability could make him a rock-solid three-zone defender in time. Although his offensive contributions are limited to simple breakout passes and point shots, his defensive skills are outstanding. Emery absorbs opposing rushes with smooth backward strides and a precise poke check. With his potential to develop further in college, Emery could transition to a top-four NHL role in a few years. – Seth Ditchfield

31. Anaheim Ducks (From EDM) – Dean Letourneau C St. Andrew’s College U18 AAA

SUMMARY: The Anaheim Ducks select Dean Letourneau to continue adding size and strength to their team. While some may question his production against lesser competition, Letourneau’s ability to create plays given his size is remarkable. He blends his hands, incorporates delays, and executes quick give-and-go plays with impressive synchronicity. His power game is already well-developed, using his size to protect the puck and make plays. A monster on the forecheck, Letourneau often overpowers opponents with his physicality. His shooting is a standout feature, generating significant power and hunting high placements. Although his pace can be inconsistent, Letourneau’s high-end tools and projectable sense make him a promising long-term project with significant potential. – Seth Ditchfield

32. Philadelphia Flyers (From FLA) – Tanner Howe, LW, Regina Pats, (WHL)

SUMMARY: Howe is a feisty, hard fighting offensive force that any team would benefit from. His hard-nosed style is perfect for the Philly atmosphere, and his hard work is going to rub off positively with coaches and current Flyers stars such as Travis Konecny. He’s an excellent player to have in front of the net, which meshes well with Philadelphia’s current “team synergy” style of coaching and strategy. On top of all of this, future Flyers forward and teammate Cutter Gauthier is going to love the additional edge that Howe adds, and future stars such as Bonk, Foerster, and Michkov will find no problem meshing with his natural offensive skills. – Isaiah Bouchard


33. San Jose Sharks – Tomas Lavoie, D, Cape Breton Eagles (QMJHL)

SUMMARY: Lavoie is a big defensemen with excellent shut down abilities. On top of that he has good skating for a big guy and a good eye for passing lanes, letting him be effective on many lines. Him being right handed is also critical for this selection, as he will be able to pair alongside already solid prospects such as Mario Ferraro, Henry Thrun, and Luca Cagnoni.- Isaiah Bouchard

34. Chicago Blackhawks – Matvei Gridin, RW, Muskegon Lumberjacks (USHL)

SUMMARY: He is the finisher the team needs. Next to Eiserman he is arguably the best finisher in this draft.  His release is deceptive and quick. The puck jumps off his stick and is hard too.  He has improved his pts way from the puck too and appears to want to be a well rounded player.  His size is beneficial to and helps him to protect the puck. A finisher in the top six in a few years leaves Chicago’s offensive cupboard near full. – Andy Miller

35. Anaheim Ducks – Dominik Badinka, D, Malmö Redhawks J20 (J20 Nationell)

SUMMARY: The Ducks continue to bolster the right side, adding a 6’3 modern, shutdown defender in Badinka. He compliments the Ducks style well, adding a sense of maturity and reliability on the backend. He transitions the puck extremely well, has a fluid stride despite his size, and can hold his own in one of the best leagues in the world. – Seth Ditchfield

36. Philadelphia Flyers (From CBJ) – Leo Sahlin Wallenius, D, Vaxjo U20 (J20 Nationell)

SUMMARY: After watching a couple players fall out of the first-round the Blue Jackets decide to use their trade option to differ the second round pick that brought in Ivan Proverov from Philly last summer to the 2025 Draft, where they believe their team outcome will be better situated. With their selection they take the highly mobile Sahlin Wallenius, who possesses a great two-way game and could have the ability to fit nicely with Jiricek in the future. His puck skills and ability to impact both ends makes him a high ceiling pick, adding to the crop of CLB blueline prospects. – Colin Johnson

37. Winnipeg Jets (From LAK/MTL)- Adam Kleber, D, Lincoln Stars (USHL)

SUMMARY: Adam Kleber played big role for his team in the USHL he has a very physical game, big body almost 6 foot seven big frame very aggressive. Sasquatch style play does need to prove on his positioning a little bit more but he has that Charlie McAvoy type of size and can shoot the park like a young Colin Miller and definitely has top two pairing potential, the Winnipeg Jets are looking to add to their blue line with a big body who can play big minutes like he did. He will develop well in the NCAA before he takes on a role in NHL. – Joseph Stanislau

38. UTAH NHL – Adam Jecho, RW, Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL)

SUMMARY: Utah places priority on big, strong guys who are hard to play against. That’s exactly what Adam Jecho brings to the table, in addition to a point per game on a struggling Oil Kings team. His shot and puck handling are as good as almost anyone in this draft. He will fit in nicely with Utah when he gets to the NHL. – Brogan Houston

39. Ottawa Senators – Terik Parascak, RW, Prince George (WHL)

SUMMARY: By selecting two defensemen in the first round, Ottawa now turns to a very intelligent player who has exploded in terms of offensive production this season. Ottawa doesn’t have a high prospect on offense with that kind of production. Possessing great playmaking skills and a good shot, his intelligence and competitiveness make him the kind of player Ottawa needs on the top 9.  If his skating improves, he could be a support player in the top 6. – Samuel Laplante

40. Seattle Kraken – John Mustard, C, Waterloo Black Hawks (USHL)

SUMMARY: Mustard was a big factor for the Blackhawks this season in the USHL he was a dynamic center this season setting up his teammates and being a goal scorer as well. He also was one of the best centers and forwards in the USHL this season. He has really good skating really good stickhandling second line third line center that would benefit long-term with the Seattle Kraken filling up that center role. It is for the Kraken to build from centered and around them with the Beniers, Wright mixtures. – Joseph Stanislau

41. Calgary Flames –Alfons Freij, D, Växjö Lakers HC J20 (J20 Nationell)

SUMMARY: Calgary selects another defenseman for the same reasons as selecting Hutson, but this time a more complete defenseman. Freij has demonstrated with the WJC U18 that he is capable of producing offensively. An excellent skater with great vision.  Could be part of a perfect top 4 in Calgary with Hutson on one pair and Freij on the other. – Samuel Laplante

42. San Jose Sharks (From NJD) –Ryder Ritchie, RW, Prince Albert Raiders (WHL)

SUMMARY: A 6 foot scoring winger, Ritchie is an excellent offensive force. With a tremendous floor and ceiling. Being able to score from all angles with his clever release and dangerous accuracy, Ritchie will be a longtime scoring presence for the Sharks. His skill on the ice had his name passed around a lot in the early season, but an unfortunate scoring slump and injury brought his name out of the limelight. But even though he by no means dominated with the Raiders this season, he was able to step up for his team in the playoffs where he scored 7 points in 5 games. Ritchie has all the potential to be an NHL caliber forward, and the Sharks are more than willing to bet on him. – Isaiah Bouchard

43. Buffalo Sabres – Nikita Artamonov, LW/RW, Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod (KHL)

SUMMARY: The Sabres go back-to-back with skilled offensive winger this time from Russia with their second selection. They love the offensive upside and are fine waiting a few seasons to add what could be a top six contributor and powerplay mainstay. – Dan Stewart

44. Pittsburgh Penguins (From CAR/PHI) – Heikki Ruohonen, C, Kiekko-Espoo U20 (U20 SM-sarja)

SUMMARY: Pittsburgh makes their first selection of the 2024 Draft looking to bolster a weak prospect pool and an aging forward core. They take the dynamic 2-way Center Ruohonen who displays all the tools to be a top-6 Centerman at the NHL level. He has the size, skill, and skating to be highly effective, while also bringing a leadership quality and high effort intensity that will be crucial to establishing the next generation of Penguins Hockey. – Colin Johnson

45. Minnesota Wild – Julius Miettinen, C, Everett Silvertips (WHL)

SUMMARY: With the Minnesota Wild already selecting a highly mobile dman in Zeev Buium, they would then now would like to find a diverse forward who could play in the center position behind Prime Joel Eriksson Ek. This is where Miettinen hits the ballot as he shows a very mobile 200ft game like Eriksson Ek, he also displays quite a bit of grit digging for pucks which he would be an amazing fit on the penalty kill, even though he had a little struggle early on transitioning, he absolutely became a huge beneficiary of getting used to the North American ice by becoming one of the hottest players in the 2nd half by being over a point per game player. – Tyler Willard

46. Pittsburgh Penguins – Yegor Surin, C/RW, Loko Yaroslav (MHL)

SUMMARY: Pittsburgh adds to the forward pool by adding a major X-factor player in Surin. Despite his ability to produce at way above a point per game pace in the MHL this season (52P in 42GP), he plays a bit of an unhinged game. Highly physical and highly aggressive, sometimes too aggressive, but that element adds something different to impact the game with. He’s skilled enough to play impact minutes and skates well. Keeping up with Yager or Ruohonen in the future won’t be an issue, and he will be able to provide a level of intimidation and protection for those future star level players. – Colin Johnson

47. Detroit Red Wings – Jett Luchanko, C, Guelph Storm (OHL)

SUMMARY: The Wings love the two-way ability, intelligence, and work rate this projected NHL center brings to the table. While he does not look like a top line high-end offensive point producing prospect, he does look like a middle six two-way, gritty performer that they are looking to add to the roster as they get closer to NHL playoff participation. – Dan Stewart

48. St. Louis Blues – Colton Roberts, D, Vancouver Giants (WHL)

SUMMARY: The Blues go with the towering 6’4” Right shot Defenseman to aid a near non-existent prospect pool on the right side of the Defense. Roberts offers size and strength, playing hard minutes as a defender who physically imposes his will. A decent skater, he does need to improve his mobility but showed signs as the year went on that he was growing his skating, as well as his puck skills and offensive ability. A big shot from the blueline, Roberts should fit nicely into a middle pairing role for the future. – Colin Johnson

49. UTAH NHL (FROM OTT/WAS) – Jesse Pulkkinen, D, JYP (Liiga)

SUMMARY: Imagine trying to cut through the middle against a top D pairing of Dmitri Simashev (6’5”) and Jesse Pulkkinen (6’6”). Pulkkinen went undrafted in 2023 due to an uncharacteristically low-scoring draft year. He picked the pace back up this season and showed how valuable he can be. Pulkkinen is excellent with the puck — especially on the rush — and is equally as good in his own end. – Brogan Houston

50. Chicago Blackhawks (From NYI) – Will Skahan, D, U.S. National U18 Team (NTDP)

SUMMARY: Skahan D, USNTDP, he is a stud defender who has some offensive upside and a very high defensive IQ.  He is a good skater for his size and a monster on the back end. He clears the net front and will make life easy on his goaltender.  He has a good shot and could develop his offensive game over the next few years. He is a great anchor to support the D corps in Chicago moving forward and could work well with Kiviharju or another defender in the top four in a few years. – Andy Miller

51. Philadelphia Flyers (Comp) – Mikhail Yegorov, G, Omaha Lancers (USHL)

SUMMARY: One of the biggest goalies in the draft class at 6’4″, Yegorov is also one of the most hyped goaltenders. His athleticism and high poise makes to be an excellent goalie prospect. Also, his stats behind a struggling Omaha Lancers team speaks for itself, recording a shut out behind one of the worst teams in the league this year. Give Yegorov the proper attention and patience, coupled with his size, competitiveness, and speed, then a future star could be in Philadelphia’s grasp. – Isaiah Bouchard

52. Washington Capitals (From VGK) – Daniil Ustinkov, D, ZSC (NL)

SUMMARY: Ustinkov is an aggressive defender who has a lot of upside.  He is physical a decent skater and has good vision on the ice.  He can be a force and typically makes good decisions without the puck.  He could learn from Carlsson in DC as to how to play a bit more effectively in the offensive zone. – Andy Miller

53. Nashville Predators (From TBL) – Leon Muggli, D, Zug (NL)

SUMMARY: The Nashville Predators add defenseman Leon Muggli, hoping Roman Josi can serve as a good mentor for the young Swiss defenseman. Muggli’s smooth, agile footwork makes him tough to beat wide, and his defensive zone play is marked by attentiveness and strong positional awareness. He boasts significant playmaking potential in the offensive zone. While not the most physical, he protects the slot well and makes precise passes in transition. – Seth Ditchfield

54. New York Islanders (From CHI/LAK) – Maxim Massé, RW, Chicoutimi Saguenéens (QMJHL)

SUMMARY: Masse is a skilled forward who can elevate the game of others around him and seeing the example of players like Brock Nelson or Anders Lee will certainly help round out his effort level.  He is a player that will at times draw fans out of their seats and be able to be an offensive weapon for the Islanders. He has an excellent shot and it is very accurate. He is an excellent skater and could be a potential middle six forward in a few years for the NY Islanders. – Andy Miller

55. Nashville Predators – Marek Vanacker, LW, Brantford Bulldogs (OHL)

SUMMARY: The Nashville Predators take another swing on upside with Marek Vanacker. Vanacker is an opportunistic scorer, often unnoticed until he’s skating past the defense for a breakaway pass. He anticipates possession changes and gaps in coverage, excelling in quick possession plays with defense-breaking passes. His well-rounded offensive skills and potential make him a valuable top-9 prospect. – Seth Ditchfield

56. St. Louis Blues (From TOR) – Harrison Brunicke, RHD, Kamloops Blazers (WHL)

SUMMARY: The Blues add another right shot Defenceman to their prospect pool, still a much needed area to improve upon. Brunicke offers NHL size and skating as well as a more offensive style of game with a terrific shot and puck skills used to drive the zone. He still is a work in progress defensively but had a decent showing at the U18’s. He could have probably went higher if not for being a part of one of the worst teams in the CHL this past season, as well as missing a large chunk due to injury. A solid upside pick that could provide more than his expected middle pairing value. – Colin Johnson

57. Montreal Canadiens (From COL) – Sam O’Reilly, C, London Knights (OHL)

SUMMARY: Montreal only improves its top 9 by selecting a two-way center. Capable of producing offensively with his playmaking skills, and defensively he makes good use of his vision to identify threats and anticipate opponents’ passes. Will be a good 3rd-line center for the Canadiens. – Samuel Laplante

58. Anaheim Ducks (From BOS) – Tomas Mrsic, C/RW, Medicine Hat Tigers (WHL)

SUMMARY: The Ducks swing to solve some of their goal-scoring problems by adding a pure sniper in Tomas Mrsic. His shot is among the draft’s elite, firing from tricky positions, in stride, and off the catch. Mrsic’s speed allows him to split defenses and anticipate spaces off-puck. Late-season improvements showed flashes of a more aggressive, inside-driven game. If this continues, he could become a top-nine scorer for the Ducks. – Seth Ditchfield

59. Nashville Predators (From WPG) – Ben Danford RHD, Oshawa Generals (OHL)

SUMMARY: The Predators continue to bulk up their defense core with right-handed defender Ben Danford. Danford thinks the game in a more advanced way than most, excelling at in-zone defense and puck movement. Early struggles with execution gave way to improved technical ability and offensive touch. His gap control, retrieval skills, and physical play lead his performance, making him a key player for the Oshawa Generals. Despite playing on his off-side, Danford’s creative plays and defensive stops increased. With continued development, he could become a top-four NHL defenseman, making him a a solid project pick in the second round. – Seth Ditchfield

60. Carolina Hurricanes – Kim Saarinen, G, HPK U20 (U20 SM-sarja)

SUMMARY: The Canes have been watching Saarinen all season and think it will help solidify the goaltender position with this pick of a big-bodied stopper who they hope will be ready in the not-too-distant future to compete with a half dozen other prospects in the system for a share of the crease work. With two veteran NHL stoppers (Anderson and Martin) having their contracts expire after this coming season there is opportunity for a young stopper to step in and seize a spot. – Dan Stewart

61. New York Islanders (From CHI/VAN) – Tomas Galvas, D, Bili Tygri Liberec (Czechia)

SUMMARY: While he is a smaller defenseman he uses his strong skating skills to control the gaps well and is good at defending the rush.  He is a modern day defender who is agile and mobile on the backend.  He is also able to initiate the breakout with good passes that are accurate and typically easy to receive.  He will take a few years to get there but could be a bottom four defender in the Islanders organization. – Andy Miller

62. Calgary Flames (From DAL) – Teddy Stiga, LW, U.S. National U18 Team (NTDP)

SUMMARY: Calgary selects a player that can do it all. A two-way winger who can produce a lot offensively. Very smart and fast player has a great ability to create turnovers. Great positioning. Doesn’t have the potential to be a superstar but he’s the type of player you want on your team. – Samuel Laplante

63. Seattle Kraken (From NYR) – Pavel Moysevich, G, SKA St. Petersburg (KHL)

SUMMARY: The Kraken look to bolster their goalie death in net for the foreseeable future. This young man is playing well ahead of his in one of the highest levels in outside of the NHL. Very bright future ahead of him potential number one starter in net. Makes a lot of brilliant saves very calm in net. With the potential loss of this move near term helps this Seattle goalie depth chart become more and very bright and hopefully to bring a Stanley Cup to the Kraken organization. – Joseph Stanislau

64. Edmonton Oilers – Luke Misa, C, Mississauga Steelheads (OHL)

SUMMARY: The Edmonton Oilers have long been criticized for their lack of depth — although that might change with their success this season. Regardless, having a player like Luke Misa in the system. Misa is a speedy playmaker who puts up a ton of points. He’s also as reliable as anyone in his own zone. Is it too soon to call him Ryan Nugent Hopkins 2.0? – Brogan Houston

65. UTAH NHL (From FLA) – Luca Marrelli, D, Oshawa Generals (OHL)

SUMMARY: IQ sets Luca Marrelli apart from his peers. He thinks the game at an elite level, which allows him to make the right play much more often than not. He is always in position, which allows him to be a force defensively. On top of all that, he operated a little under a point per game this season as a defenseman. He will definitely play in the NHL and he has the potential to be a top-pairing d-man. – Brogan Houston


66. Anaheim Ducks (From SJS) – Lukas Fischer, D, Sarnia Sting (OHL)

SUMMARY: Calling Fischer raw is an understatement. Just seven days off from being 2025 eligible, he’s one of the youngest players in the draft and has yet to fill out his 6-foot-4 frame. Despite struggles this season, his best flashes and toolset hint at significant potential. With his reach, mobility, and punishing defense, Fischer could become a solid No. 4 defenseman in the NHL with proper development. – Seth Ditchfield

67. Chicago Blackhawks – CARTER GEORGE, G, OWEN SOUND ATTACK (OHL)

SUMMARY: At #67 the Hawks need to look at their future in net and with that they move on to that position now.  They select Carter George from Owen Sound of the OHL. He is a sound goaltender who can outwait most opponents.  He instills confidence in his team and lets them play to their strengths.  He is a technical goaltender who has good rebound control and has developed to make few mistakes.  He is a very strong skater and is mobile in the net. – Andy Miller

68. Anaheim Ducks – AJ Spellacy C Windsor Spitfires (OHL)

SUMMARY: One of the most intriguing swings outside of the first round, AJ Spellacy chose hockey over D1 football. If Spellacy isn’t the fastest player in the draft, he’s certainly close. Just a couple of strides or a crossover burst separates him from defenders. His game is still developing, but his late-season improvements and overwhelming tools make him a high-upside bet. With patience, Spellacy could become a third-line power forward. – Seth Ditchfield

69. Columbus Blue Jackets – Ilya Nabokov, G, Metallurg Magnitogorsk (KHL)

SUMMARY: After seasons of turbulence in net the Jackets go and take arguably the best goalie prospect to come out of the Draft in recent memory. Yes, he is smaller in stature and at 20yrs old he is much older than his Draft eligible peers. The statistics speak for itself, he played 43 games as the starter for his KHL franchise putting up a .930sv% and improved upon that in the playoffs, having a .942sv% leading his team to the KHL championship and winning playoff MVP (the youngest KHL player to ever do so). He also walked away winning the rookie of the year, having a better season at this age than Sorokin and Shesterkin, both who have found plenty of success at the NHL level. – Colin Johnson

70. Montreal Canadiens – Lucas Pettersson, C, MoDo Hockey J20 (J20 Nationell)

SUMMARY: A good two-way center with good playmaking abilities. Very good all around, smooth skater, very effective on the PK. The type of player you want in your roster. Will need to develop his physical game and add some strength. Montreal needs centers who can help on the top 9. Reminds me a lot of Anthony Cirelli. – Samuel Laplante

71. UTAH NHL – Simon Zether, C, Rögle BK J20 (J20 Nationell)

SUMMARY: The most deceiving thing about Simon Zether is his stat line. 0 goals and 4 assists in 42 games doesn’t exactly scream “third-round pick,” but he’s so much more than the numbers will tell you. Zether earned a spot on Rögle BK’s SHL squad this season, playing against fully grown men. He played a strictly defensive role on the team and excelled in that field. He also showed during his 18 games at the J20 level that he can, in fact, score (1.5 points per game — Is that good?). Zether stands at 6’3”, which would somehow make him one of the smaller prospects in Utah’s system. – Brogan Houston

72. Chicago Blackhawks (From OTT) – Christian Humphreys, C, U.S. National U18 Team (NTDP)

SUMMARY: He is a quick player who sees the ice well and has a creative element to his game.  He has good vision on the ice and can put the pluck where it needs to be offensively.  While he is not an elite talent he is a player who is in the right spot more often than not with or without the puck.  A good strength and conditioning program will certainly help his development too. – Andy Miller

73. Seattle Kraken – James Mackey, D, Madison Capitols (USHL)

SUMMARY: Mackey is a very physical stay at home defender, plays responsible in his own end. Strong competitor plays a lot like Kevin Bahl. He utilizes his big frame very well, and is very agile on the offensive zone exits getting back into position into the defensive zone. The Kraken are building up their defense  so they can gain advantage against other teams looking to bully them in a very competitive western conference. Mackey has a very underrated shot he needs to use a little bit more to keep pace of the offense going. – Joseph Stanislau

74. Calgary Flames – Justin Poirier RW Baie-Comeau Drakkar QMJHL

SUMMARY: Calgary has just picked up a natural goal scorer. He can score from anywhere. With 51 goals this season, he has also improved his playmaking skills as the season has progressed. His defensive game has yet to be developed, but scoring goals is something that can’t be taught. Can form part of a fine forward core with Iginla and Stiga. If he reaches his full potential, he’ll be a top-6 player. – Samuel Laplante

75. New Jersey Devils – Austin Burnevik, RW, Madison Capitols (USHL)

SUMMARY: Burnevik was a big power forward for the Capitols in the regular season and the playoffs. Very reliable shooter who moves really well for a big guy with a strong power skater and has the ability to be a big impact on a Devils team that need a big body to help compete the Devils center core. – Joseph Stanislau

76. Buffalo Sabres – Veeti Väisänen, D, KooKoo (Liiga)

SUMMARY: The Sabres add a safety valve defensive prospect with this pick after going skilled forward with their first couple selections of the 2024 NHL Draft. Vaisanen is the type of responsible, safe and mature minded d-man that you can put with a dynamic puck mover and form a solid pairing inside your teams top four. – Dan Stewart

77. Philadelphia Flyers – Alexander Zetterberg, C, Orebro HK J20 (J20 Nationell)

SUMMARY: Zetterberg started hot and slowly slowed down this season, which forced him to fall a bit in the rankings. His cautious play, his size, and consistency issues are a worry, but his playmaking abilities and stick handling are elite. His small frame will still be an issue, but John Tortorella will have no problem hammering out his other issues, and with so many potential line mates in Philadelphia, Zetterberg will have no problem finding a slot to fit in with the Flyers. – Isaiah Bouchard

78. Montreal Canadiens (From WAS/MIN) – Nathan Villeneuve, C, Sudbury Wolves (OHL)

SUMMARY: For much the same reasons as Pettersson, here we find a player who skates very well, competes a lot and plays a very good two-way game. Can be used as a winger or center, Villeneuve is very difficult to play against. He can play in a pesty way and can be an agitator. So Montreal gets a player who can do it all. Will be more useful on a third line. – Samuel Laplante

79. Anaheim Ducks (From PIT) – Linus Eriksson C Djurgårdens IF (HockeyAllsvenskan)

SUMMARY: The Ducks balance upside swings with a bit of safety here in Linus Eriksson. A highly intelligent defensive forward, he was a big part of Djurgårdens’ playoff run. With a near-guaranteed bottom-six ceiling due to his fluid skating, high intelligence, positional awareness, and work ethic, Eriksson adds the potential of an untapped offensive ceiling with a quick release in motion. His blend of reliability and potential makes him a valuable addition to a team adding a lot of prospects. – Seth Ditchfield

80. Detroit Red Wings – Spencer Gill, D, Rimouski Océanic (QMJHL)

SUMMARY: The Yzerman and Draper team loves to add skilled, physically blessed, defenders who can skate with early round draft picks and does so again here with the 6’3” right shot blueliner. He uses his size well, makes strong passes both long range and short little breakouts, and has a good shot from the point as well. – Dan Stewart

81. St. Louis Blues – Timur Kol, D, Omskie Krylia (VHL)

SUMMARY: The Blues reach a bit to make sure they select this relatively unknown prospect out of the Russian tier 2 Pro league. His game has size at 6’3” and skating that keeps up with the pro game already. A reliable defender as well as a knack for the offensive side in spurts. He still needs time to grow but offers some of the highest upside in the Draft. The Blues take a risk and swing hard on the young defender hoping that he can put it all together and fortify the left side of the Blueline for years to come. – Colin Johnson

82. Washington Capitals – Ryerson Leenders, G, Mississauga Steelheads (OHL)

SUMMARY: The Capitals have a hole in their Goaltending depth so they will try to fill it in a few years with Leenders from Mississauga of the OHL. Leenders is a strong, reliable goaltender who can make the saves he needs to and pull out big ones too.  He is a stabilizing goaltender who in his brief playoff history played very well.  He is technically a solid goaltender and is able to read the play well too.  He is a solid skater who is mobile with good size in the net too. He has a chance to be a top level goaltender after a few years of development. – Andy Miller

83. Washington Capitals (From TOR/NYI) – Brodie Ziemer, RW, U.S. National U18 Team (NTDP)

SUMMARY: Ziemer a responsible two-way player who could become a solid third liner with some offensive output and good vision on the ice.  He is the kind of player a winning team will need.  He is a good skater and can translate well to the modern NHL. – Andy Miller

84. Calgary Flames (From VGK) – Daniel Nieminen, D, Pelicans U20 (U20 SM-sarja)

SUMMARY: Niemen is a two-way defenseman who is very mobile with the puck. Solid QB on the PP and a great competitor. He’s long-term project due to his developing game but great value pick at this spot. – Samuel Laplante

85. San Jose Sharks (From TBL) – Kevin He, LW, Niagara IceDogs (OHL)

SUMMARY: A skilled winger with a solid upside. It’s clear with players such as Thomas Bordeleau and Filip Bystedt in San Jose’s top 9 future, speed and skill are going to be the Sharks focus for the future. With a player such as Kevin He in the mix, he may be competing with a lot of other Sharks prospects for a roster spot in the future, but he’s an excellent insurance option. He can certainly make a solid offensive presence in the 3rd/4th lines. With a potential to play up on the 2nd at times. I fully suspect for He to make the NHL eventually, so his value is not in question, which is a nice piece to have in your roster. – Isaiah Bouchard

86. Columbus Blue Jackets (From LAK) – Raoul Boilard, C/LW, Baie-Comeau Drakkar (QMJHL)

SUMMARY: Columbus looks to continue adding big Centermen to their prospect pool and Boilard is the safest pick on the board. His offence is solid but may not fully translate to the NHL level, but he offers a 2-way game that can have some jam when he feels like it. At his best he is impacting the game on both ends using his size and skating, example is the CHL Top Prospects game where he took home the MVP for his team, other nights however he loses focus and drive, making himself much less impactful. His game offers balance with the highly skilled winger class that Columbus possesses and Boilard has experience playing with that exact type of player. – Colin Johnson

87. Nashville Predators – Emil Vinni G JoKP (Mestis)

SUMMARY: The Preds look to secure assurance between the pipes with Eemil Vinni who looks to be one of the best in the class. The 6-foot-2 Finnish netminder from JoKP is aggressive and assertive, forcing shooters into mistakes. His solid post-integration skills and excellent edgework make him a unique candidate among top-ranked goalies. Vinni’s high ceiling and unique style boost his NHL starter potential. – Seth Ditchfield

88. Seattle Kraken (From TOR) – Ethan Whitcomb, RW, Muskegon Lumberjacks (USHL)

SUMMARY: Good strong forechecker on the wing and a clean passer. A smooth skater who plays a strong game along the boards and on the penalty kill. Superb puck protection in his arsenal along with being a very good clean hitter. Shifty and has great peripheral vision for setting up a teammate. – Joseph Stanislau

89. UTAH NHL (From COL) – Nicholas Kempf, G, U.S. National U18 Team (NTDP)

SUMMARY: The weakest part of Utah’s prospect pool is goaltending, so you knew they would take at least one netminder this year. Kempf is a polarizing player, having just as many sub-par games as great games, but he has the smarts to be able to adjust his game to the NHL level someday. Kempf had an excellent showing at the U18 World Championships and Utah hopes that that’s the goalie Kempf truly is. – Brogan Houston

90. Washington Capitals (From BOS) – Anthony Cristoforo, D, Windsor Spitfires (OHL)

SUMMARY: He has the potential to be a smooth skating puck moving defender on the second pair.  He has a good shot and uses it well to and as a result could be a strong part of a powerplay.  While his points didn’t go up this season, I am certain they will next year.  He was an effective part of the Canada HG team too. – Andy Miller

91. New Jersey Devils (From WPG) – Evan Gardner, G, Saskatoon Blades (WHL)

SUMMARY: If there is a comparable for his game from a 17-year-old campaign, his WHL comparable is Stuart Skinner. Gardner still has plenty of room to build up that goalie frame to Skinners level. Gardner posted better numbers than Skinner’s 17-year-old season but the team he played for likely had a large role in that. The New Jersey Devils did not draft a goalie last season, and this year they should look to pluck one or two with upside. – Joseph Stanislau

92. Carolina Hurricanes – Topias Hynninen, C, Jukurit (Liiga)

SUMMARY: Ther Canes go back to a familiar region to select what could become another gem mined in the middle rounds of the NHL draft with the two-way, highly skilled, but undersized center. Will this pick turn into a poor mans Sebastian Aho? The teams brass sure hopes so. – Dan Stewart

93. Vancouver Canucks – Gabriel Eliasson, D, HV71 (J20 Nationell)

SUMMARY: Is there a more Patrik Allvin pick than this? Gabriel Eliasson is a big, mean, physical defenseman — just like most of the Canucks’ current D core, and he also hails from Sweden, just like the bulk of the Canucks’ prospects. Counting stats aren’t Eliasson’s strong suit, but he’s responsible defensively and has a legitimate shot at the NHL. – Brogan Houston

94. Nashville Predators (From DAL) – Will Zellers C/W Shattuck’s St. Mary’s (USHS-Prep)

SUMMARY: The Preds add a high-paced forward with their selection of Zellers. Known for his speed and handling, Zellers plays with relentless pace, attacking angles and moving through pass receptions. Despite needing to improve his playmaking and strength, his potential is obvious. Heading to the University of North Dakota, he has the opportunity to improve his game under coach Brad Berry’s guidance. – Seth Ditchfield

95. St. Louis Blues (From NYR) – Gian Meier, D, GCK Lions U20 (U20-Elit)

SUMMARY: The Blues continue the reconstruction of the blueline, adding yet another right shot defenseman that moves well. He is still pretty raw and plays in a lower level league but has been a shining part of the Swiss National Team in tournaments this year. A solid 2-way game that has good decision making, Meier has a chance to grow and mature into a productive player down the line. – Colin Johnson

96. UTAH NHL (From EDM) – Eriks Mateiko, LW/RW, St. John Sea Dogs (QMJHL)

SUMMARY: Sticking with the trend of drafting big players, Utah selects 6’5”, 209-lb winger Eriks Mateiko. Mateiko is a strong power forward who can impose his will upon opponents. He’s a beast in the corners and plays well under pressure. At just under a point per game in the QMJHL this year and playing all special teams, he likely has a good enough scoring touch to make the NHL, where he has the potential to play up and down the lineup. – Brogan Houston

97. Florida Panthers – Melvin Fernström, RW, Örebro HK (SHL)

SUMMARY: The Panthers cannot believe their luck and that this player is still on the table. They fumble to the mic as they quickly select Fernström from Örebro HK/SHL, a right shot winger that provides elite passing & shooting skills. A shooter that can shoot off either foot off the rush. His skating will provide the speed we like to play with. The Panthers are deep with youth in development and are in a position to develop these players over the next few years. – Andy Miller


98. UTAH NHL (From SJS) – Miguel Marques, D, Lethbridge Hurricanes (WHL)

SUMMARY: Marques was projected by most to be selected in the early to mid second round, so Utah was glad to get him in the fourth round. Marques is a dynamic player who brings excitement to every game. He can do highly skilled things at a faster pace than most of his peers, and it shows on the scoresheet in the form of more than a point per game in the WHL. Even if he doesn’t end up being a scorer in the NHL, he brings the type of energy — especially on the forecheck — that you need in your bottom six. – Brogan Houston

99. Nashville Predators (From CHI) – Aidan Park C Shattuck’s St. Mary’s (USHS-Prep)

SUMMARY: The Predators add Shattuck’s teammate Aidan Park, a relentless scorer with 175 points in 109 games. Known for his effort on and off the puck, Park excels in forechecking and retrievals. While his stride mechanics need work, his playmaking and net-crashing abilities make him a valuable prospect. – Seth Ditchfield

100. Anaheim Ducks – Javon Moore LW Minnetonka High (USHS)

SUMMARY: The Ducks take a swing on high-upside Minnesota high schooler, Moore. Moore’s game is built around his projectable frame and impressive tools. Known for his large-area handling and separation, he uses his size and skill to create offensive opportunities. While still raw, his advanced playmaking, refined shooting mechanics, and potential make him a top-six upside winger. With a commitment to the University of Minnesota, Moore’s development path looks promising. – Seth Ditchfield

101. Columbus Blue Jackets – Aatos Koivu, C/RW, TPS U20 (U20 SM-sarja)

SUMMARY: Columbus continues the additions of strong, Centerman with offensive instincts. Koivu has NHL lineage with his dad being Saku Koivu and Aatos had a meteoric rise through the Finnish Junior ranks this season. He produced above a point per game pace at both the U18 and U20 levels and even saw some action at the Pro level this year. He is a strong skater with a tremendous shot and could either help supplement down the middle or provide some versatility as he saw action at all three forward positions this year. – Colin Johnson

102. Montreal Canadiens – Matvei Shuravin, D, Krasnaya Armiya Moskva (MHL)

SUMMARY: A defensive defenseman who doesn’t panic with the puck and remains very calm. Has a good first pass and is a very good skater. Very effective in his zone. One of the reasons he played a few games in the KHL this season. – Samuel Laplante

103. UTAH NHL – Maxmilian Curran, C, Tri-City Americans (WHL)

SUMMARY: Curran is the type of player you need in your bottom six. He’s not a goal scorer, but he makes his linemates better by setting them up consistently. He’s excellent defensively, especially on the penalty kill. He’s also got the size (6’3”, 190 lbs), but he doesn’t play the type of physical game that you’d expect from a big guy. If he can add some meanness to his defensive relentlessness, he will be an excellent addition to NHL Utah someday. – Brogan Houston

104. Ottawa Senators – Christian Kirsch, G, Zug U20 (U20-Elit)

SUMMARY: Ottawa selects a goalie whose goal is really to develop him over the long term. He has good size and athleticism. He is committed to U-Mass in 2025-2026. The transition from the Swiss league to North America may take longer, but he has good potential. Excellent plan for Ottawa. – Samuel Laplante

105. Seattle Kraken – Kam Hendrickson, G, Chanhassen High (USHS-MN)

SUMMARY: A goaltender that is very proactive in covering the posts and moving quickly laterally. He is more of a hybrid goalie the way he stands in his stance and does use a bit of the butterfly when he goes down. Seattle is adding a project goaltender to the stable. – Joseph Stanislau

106. Calgary Flames – Petr Sikora, C, HC Ocelari Trinec U20 (Czechia U20)

SUMMARY: A good two-way forward with a good feel for the game and good work ethic. Competitive spirit when it comes to retrieving the puck. Good hands. Perfect player with top-9 potential for Calgary. – Samuel Laplante

107. Calgary Flames (From VAN/NJD) – Frankie Marrelli, D, Ottawa 67’s (OHL)

SUMMARY: A good two-way defender who isn’t flashy but keeps things simple. Very effective in his zone. A very good skater with a good shot. Plays with strength. Doesn’t hesitate to make hits and is very hard to beat in 1 vs 1. – Samuel Laplante

108. Buffalo Sabres – Clarke Caswell, C, Swift Current Broncos (WHL)

SUMMARY: The Sabres are more than excited to get a skilled two-way center, someone they see as a longer-term project, and are happy he is still on the board when their time to make the pick arrives here in the fourth round. – Dan Stewart

109. Buffalo Sabres (From PHI) – Tarin Smith, D, Everett Silvertips (WHL)

SUMMARY: They are also excited to grab a solid two-way defender that they also thought might be gone a round earlier with this selection of Smith. While they have a good young D-core in the NHL they need to add to their prospect cupboard to keep the talent coming. – Dan Stewart

110. Minnesota Wild – Mac Swanson, C, Fargo Force (USHL)

SUMMARY: When discussing about what Mac Swanson is as a player, even though he is an undersized forward, he is a very intelligent forward and what the Wild are known for drafting players, are those who are very competitive and intelligent players. A major aspect which he will need to improve on is his quickness in his footwork to have a deep shot of being a bottom-middle 6 forward. – Tyler Willard

111. Pittsburgh Penguins – Noel Franson, LHD, Farjestad U20 (J20 Nationell)

SUMMARY: Pittsburgh gets a highly dynamic offensive defenseman out of Swedish Junior. An excellent skater with elite hands and shooting for a defenseman, he’s the Swedish version of Carter Yakemchuk, and in the 4th round the Penguins are ecstatic. – Colin Johnson

112. Ottawa Senators (From DET) – Alexandre Blais LW Rimouski Océanic (QMJHL)

SUMMARY: A very good competitor who has exploded in terms of point production this year. Never stops skating, very good on the forecheck. Opposing players find him tiring to play against. Very reliable in all zones. Good skater and the kind of player coaches love. Size could be an issue but doesn’t let himself be intimidated. – Samuel Laplante

113. St. Louis Blues – Max Plante C U.S. National U18 Team (NTDP)

SUMMARY: The Blues add some much-needed speed to the forward group by picking the undersized savvy Plante. His skill and high pace game adds a dynamic that the current forward core is lacking. – Colin Johnson

114. Washington Capitals – Tanner Adams RW Providence College (NCAA)

SUMMARY: He is an effective forward with some good offensive talent.  He makes good reads and he has adapted well to the NCAA level.  While not the fastest he is quick enough to be able to keep up with most players.  He is creative and uses his high hockey IQ. – Andy Miller

115. New York Islanders – Louka Cloutier G Chicago Steel (USHL)

SUMMARY: He has some size and is a goaltender with decent skating skills.  He was able to keep his rebuilding Chicago team in most hockey games this season.  He is responsible and makes the saves that he needs to make. – Andy Miller

116. San Jose Sharks (From VGK) – James Reeder RW Dubuque Fighting Saints (USHL)

SUMMARY: Reeder is a very underrated two way forward, who plays a smart and high pace game. His skills truly shined at the A Challenge this year, where he was among the top goal scorers of the tournament and acted as a glue that kept team USA highly competitive throughout. The Sharks are going to love his high energy and clean playstyle, and fans can expect to see him fighting for a roster spot for years to come. Overall, James Reeder is a solid investment pick, a guy who may not jump off the page at the moment, due to his questionable ceiling, but he has all the qualities to make him a high value pick for the Sharks if all things click for him and the organization. – Isaiah Bouchard

117. Ottawa Senators (From TBL) – Owen Allard C Soo Greyhounds (OHL)

SUMMARY: We’ve seen in the WJCs that he’s the kind of player who can play with anybody. Very good at retrieving pucks, can hit opponents. He brings a physical element to games. An explosive skater. The perfect bottom-6 player. – Samuel Laplante

118. Los Angeles Kings – Riley Patterson C Barrie Colts (OHL)

SUMMARY: The Los Angeles Kings are happy to select Patterson – started slowly and finished strong like a great racehorse in his rookie season. Averaging over a point a game in the second half of season. He has learned how to create space & timing for himself. He has all the skills, skating to puck control and hockey sense and most importantly vision. – Murray Caldwell

119. Nashville Predators – Colin Ralph LD Shattuck’s St. Mary’s (USHS-Prep)

SUMMARY: The Predators add a powerhouse defender in Colin Ralph. At 6-foot-4 and 227 pounds, Ralph combines size and mobility to dominate the blueline. Known for his physical play and defensive talent, he limits space and disrupts opponents. While his offensive game needs improvement, his potential as a strong bottom-pairing defender is evident. With a commitment to St. Cloud State, Ralph’s development path looks promising. – Seth Ditchfield

120. Toronto Maple Leafs – Paul Mayer LD Adler Mannheim (DEL)

SUMMARY: Brad Treliving theme of bigger sturdy defensemen this pick checks all the boxes for him and the Leafs. He is an expectational skater who brings physicality to every game he plays in. He is a defensive defenseman who can eat minutes and play on the penalty kill in a shutdown roll. – Zach Morris

121. Colorado Avalanche – Anthony Romani C North Bay Battalion (OHL)

SUMMARY: The Colorado Avalanche are proud to select Anthony Romani with the 121st selection, the slightly over ager has truly started to blossom in the OHL and could become a lethal middle 6 scoring center at his peak. Only thing that Colorado needs to mainly improve is their depth, Romani can do that. – Tyler Willard

122. Boston Bruins – Thomas Desruisseaux C Chicoutimi Saguenéens (QMJHL)

SUMMARY: With a very thing prospect pool and needs at most positions the bruins opt to take a center. Bergeron and Krecji just retiring as well as Coyle being 32 the team needs to think about the future of the center position. He brings good puck possession as well as play making ability which will be great assets for the Bruins. – Zach Morris

123. Winnipeg Jets – John Whipple  D U.S. National U18 Team NTDP

SUMMARY: The Jets need’s more physical, defensive depth with timely scoring. Whipple’s development going into NCAA D1 hockey will benefit him in growing into an NHL ready player in 2-3 seasons. – Joseph Stanislau

124. Carolina Hurricanes – Jacob Battaglia RW Kingston Frontenacs (OHL)

SUMMARY: Carolina adds a gritty two-way playmaking winger who isn’t afraid to use his body to attack or defend. His knock is the feet and he will succeed or fail on how his skating develops over the next couple seasons. – Dan Stewart

125. Vancouver Canucks – Jakub Fibigr D Mississauga Steelheads (OHL)

SUMMARY: There aren’t many prospects worth getting excited about in the late stages of the fourth round, but that’s exactly what Jakub Fibigr is. He’s a two-way defenseman to the core. He’s not the flashy guy that will make end-to-end rushes or break guys’ ankles, but he will put the puck in the opponent’s net and he’ll keep it out of his own. Fibigr will have a long NHL career as a top-four defenseman. – Brogan Houston

126. Detroit Red Wings (From DAL) – Carson Wetsch RW Calgary Hitmen (WHL)

SUMMARY: The Wings look to add some prospects with size and jam, and feel they found a potential bottom of the lineup and PK contributor down the line with this selection of the big western Canadian winger. – Dan Stewart

127. New York Rangers – Luke Osburn D Youngstown Phantoms (USHL)

SUMMARY: The Rangers take a swing on high upside blueliner Luke Osburn. Known for his ankle-breaking moves and non-stop activation, Osburn creates numerous scoring chances and disrupts entries with his physicality. While he needs to refine his play selection and gap control, his potential as a skilled NHL defenseman is significant. – Seth Ditchfield

128. Tampa Bay Lightning (From NAS/EDM) – Eric Bürger D Örebro HK J20 (J20 Nationell)

SUMMARY: The Lighting just traded for McDonagh who is turning 35 in a week and Victor Hedman is turning 34 this year. Bürger is a solid two-way defenseman who can come into a great opportunity. He has great passes and can shut down opposing teams top players. – Zach Morris

129. Ottawa Senators (From FLA) – Sebastian Soini D Ilves U20 (U20 SM-sarja)

SUMMARY: A good defensive defender with good mobility. Doesn’t produce much offensively, but this will develop over time. Uses his size and reach to his advantage to defend the rush. – Samuel Laplante


130. Montreal Canadiens (From SJS) – Alexis Bernier D Baie-Comeau Drakkar (QMJHL)

SUMMARY: Finally, Montreal got its first Quebecer of the evening with Alexis Bernier. A defenseman with good defensive instincts and good size. Can play a physical game. Doesn’t produce much but can contribute. Good work ethic. – Samuel Laplante

131. San Jose Sharks (From CGY/CHI) – Kieron Walton LW Sudbury Wolves (OHL)

SUMMARY: Walton has a lot of potential to be nice little steal for San Jose at #131. He’s one of the biggest skaters in the draft, and San Jose is in desperate need of more big, strong players to back up their smaller, skill-orientated guys. Not that Walton is unskilled by any means, he has good skating for a big player and a very underrated offensive presence. If it wasn’t for his low ice time on a stacked Sudbury team, he would be getting more attention from scouts. I think Walton has a good chance at evolving into an effective top 9 power forward in the NHL. – Isaiah Bouchard

132. Colorado Avalanche (From ANA) – Parker Von Richter D Mississauga Steelheads(OHL)

SUMMARY: When discussing a player like Parker Von Richter, he is very similar to Frankie Marrelli in which he is a very difficult player to play against due to his excellent stickwork and physicality, he will however need to take a big step offensively so teams can see he could put depth numbers at the NHL level. He will also need to improve his lateral movement so he can gain a stronger advantage on his opponents. – Tyler Willard

133. Columbus Blue Jackets – Ondrej Becher C Prince George Cougars (WHL)

SUMMARY: Another addition to the Center core and he can play both sides of the ice at an elite level. His age will allow him to jump into the system earlier and it helps that he is one of the best skaters in the CHL, and a significant part of a top 5 team in the CHL regular season. – Colin Johnson

134. Montreal Canadiens – Logan Crosby RW Halifax Mooseheads (QMJHL)

SUMMARY: The big power-forward from Halifax is exactly the kind of player MTL need in their bottom 9. A big guy who can play physical and that can contribute on the score sheet form time to time. Was injured a lot this year but we can expect a big comeback season next year. – Samuel Laplante

135. UTAH NHL – Karl Sterner, RW, Frölunda HC (J20 Nationell)

SUMMARY: Karl Sterner might not have scored a point per game in J20 this year, but he did have more than one PIM per game. That combined with a drive to succeed are sometimes all you can ask from your depth players, and that’s what Sterner does well. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s 6’3”. – Brogan Houston

136. Ottawa Senators – Antonin Verreault LW Rouyn-Noranda Huskies (QMJHL)

SUMMARY: A good playmaker and skilled player. The type of player that coaches love. His game is all about speed. Huge production in term of points production this year. Will take a little bit more time to develop due to his size and physical game. – Samuel Laplante

137. Colorado Avalanche (From SEA) – Artyom Krikunenko C Loko-76 Yaroslavl (MHL)

SUMMARY: When looking for depth, the Avalanche to a degree like some skill on the bottom 6, that is what Krikunenko completes. He displays great hands and vision for his teammates to make plays, however he is quite small and will need to improve his physicality as well as his acceleration to become an effective bottom 6 player. – Tyler Willard

138. Chicago Blackhawks (From CGY) – Tory Pitner D Youngstown Phantoms (USHL)

SUMMARY: He has a high hockey IQ who reads the play well and has good vision. He is a capable puck mover who puts the puck on the tape and makes it easy to receive. He is a potential bottom four defender. – Andy Miller

139. New Jersey Devils – Miroslav Satan C HC Slovan Bratislava U20 (Slovakia U20)

SUMMARY: We know what you’re all thinking but yes this indeed is the son of former NHL’er Miroslav Satan. He has shown in the faceoff circle against lesser developed and skilled centers that he can beat them in the faceoff dot. However versus Finland, USA, and Sweden Satan needs to improve against those super skilled, really strong leveraging centers. That is room for Miroslav to grow in the muscle mass department, and with that size and reach he does forecheck really well, and zips really fast around the boards looking to poke the puck loose. He is a disciplined player who doesn’t go into the box often. He does throw the body around and is a high volume shooter, he just has to get more of those on the net. From the skillset this center can improve in the faceoff circle with the right developmental, and skills coaches. Miroslav can also look to be a natural winger where he has a lot of speed and can playmake but should focus more on powering his way and getting more versatility in more roles as he gets primed up for a future in the NHL. – Joseph Stanislau

140. Minnesota Wild (BUF) –Andrei Krutov LW Chaika Nizhny Novgorod (MHL)

SUMMARY: Andrei is a dynamic, patient, and responsible winger who has underrated defensive abilities with a good compete level. He has above average lateral movement which allows him to go through the neutral zone in some comfort but will have minor difficulty trying to transition skating backwards. When creating a projection, he can for sure play on the penalty kill due to his good awareness. – Tyler Willard

141. Florida Panthers (From PHI) – Ollie Josephson C Red Deer Rebels (WHL)

SUMMARY: Ollie has a solid two-way game with outstanding hockey IQ. He is the type of player who can greatly impact a line because his feet never quit moving. Shows great stick control in the face off dot. We have time to develop our players, we see Ollie as a contributor on our 3rd line in 3 to 4 years. – Murray Caldwell

142. Minnesota Wild – Trevor Hoskin C Cobourg Cougars (OJHL)

SUMMARY: When discussing about overagers, Trevor Hoskin could be a unique gem for this draft class. Minnesota would like to add some depth scoring as it was a minor concern for them, Trevor Hoskin could be a unique piece. The very difficult thing is that due to the league he plays in, it is very hard to project him to what he will become at the NHL level, perhaps it was a similar case for Matt Maggio earlier in Maggio’s career.- Tyler Willard

143. San Jose Sharks (From PIT) – Mitja Jokinen D TPS U20 (U20 SM-sarja)

SUMMARY: Sharks are adding a smaller but very skilled defensemen in Mitja Jokinen. He’s spent most of his season in the U20, where he racked up an impressive point total for a young small defensemen. He quickly built up a reputation as a fast moving, high IQ D-man, and the Sharks are going to appreciate his fast paced game. – Isaiah Bouchard

144. Detroit Red Wings – Marcus Gidlöf G Leksands IF J20 (J20 Nationell)

SUMMARY: The Wings have had their eye on the big puck stopper for a couple of years now and really like the athleticism and size combination he brings to the table. You can never have too many rolls of the dice when it comes to goaltenders in your system so having a few in the cupboard is their plan. – Dan Stewart

145. St. Louis Blues – Markus Loponen, C/LW, Karpat U20 (U20 SM-sarja)

SUMMARY: The Blues have taken some chances in this Draft, so now they go best player available and select the savvy Loponen. He’s a big body that plays hard in the offensive zone and has a high skill level to his game. Has some major inconsistencies with his skating and defensive play but there’s a lot to like here. quietly way above a point per game in Finnish Junior and a team leader. If it goes well he’s a top 6 guy and if not he should fill a bottom 6 scoring role. – Colin Johnson

146. Washington Capitals – Elliott Groenewold, LHD Cedar Rapids RoughRiders (USHL)

SUMMARY: The defense corp in DC needs reinforcements in the pipeline and Elliott Groenewold is a specimen on the back end.  His size allows him to box out exceptionally well and battles hard.  He has worked hard and is able to cause turnovers or keep the play to the safe areas of the ice.  He does show glimpses of good vision and a heavy shot which could translate to some good points next season.  He could be a third pairing guy or someone who develops into a monster on the top pair, worth some development time over the next few years. – Andy Miller

147. New York Islanders – Will Felicio, LHD Waterloo Black Hawks (USHL)

SUMMARY: He is a good skater who can move the puck and will be a bottom four defender with middle pair offensive potential. Not only does he jump up into the rush he can lead it. He is an effective power play quarterback and puck distributor.  He has good vision on the ice and can make strong passes that are easy to receive.  Puck movers are key for the modern NHL and if you have good forwards but can’t get the puck out of your zone you are in trouble. – Andy Miller

148. Philadelphia Flyers (From VGK) – Jack Bodin, D, Orebro HKJ 20 (J20 Nationell)

SUMMARY: Bodin is a big, hard-hitting defensemen coming from the J20 Nationell league. He’s not afraid to hit back and push hard when the pressure is on, which I think will mesh well with the current coaching strategy and roster that the Flyers are producing. He’s also a very skill two-way guy, he has descent positioning, good passing ability, and an hyper focused attitude. His passion for the game may come back to bite him at times, as he seems to have a temper problem at times, but overall his potential effectiveness and upside is too good for Philly to pass up on. That and being 6’4″ doesn’t hurt. – Isaiah Bouchard

149. Tampa Bay Lightning –Sam McCue LW Owen Sound Attack (OHL)

SUMMARY: McCue brings good skating and a fast game to a very thin prospect pool. He is not afraid to battle in front of the net. He has a solid shot and relies and his IQ at both ends of the ice. – Zach Morris

150. Philadelphia Flyers (From LAK) –Gabriel Frasca C Kingston Frontenacs (OHL)

SUMMARY: Frasca is a smart and reliable player that is going to offer a solid center depth to the Flyers. He missed 24 games due to injury this season, which caused his value to drop a little with the lack of game time. But his great selling features do not lie, as he has built a reputation as a high poise, clutch centermen who can lead his team out of the pits to make a comeback. His combination of two-way skill, heart, and leadership makes him a valuable player with any franchise. – Isaiah Bouchard

151. Toronto Maple Leafs (From NAS) – Marek Chaloupka D HC Vitkovice U20 (Czechia U20)

SUMMARY: A two-way defenseman. He is a good skater who uses crossovers well to generate speed when taking the puck up the ice or hustling back defensively. He has good edge work which helps him follow attackers and control the puck at the offensive blue line. He does a good job of using skating and positioning to force opponents away from the net. He has accurate passes that are effective. – Zach Morris

152. Toronto Maple Leafs – Charlie Paquette RW Guelph Storm (OHL)

SUMMARY: A solid two-way forward who isn’t afraid to do the nitty-gritty work. Good net-front presence. He has some solid passes. Fairly accurate shot with a quick release. He is an excellent forechecker. He brings a good physical game. He throws some big hits but also takes them. – Zach Morris

153. New Jersey Devils (From SJS/COL) – Félix Lacerte RW Shawinigan Cataractes QMJHL

SUMMARY: Lacerte has really good hands, good hockey iq, needs to put some work into becoming a bit more explosive skater in his first few strides. He brings a real good sniper and playmaker dynamic where he can shoot far out, and near the goalie crease with ease. He does have a nose for the net and thinks a few steps ahead of the play. He does need to add muscle his frame. Very talented forward who progresses rather well on the power play. He will benefit from a more commanding system that Sheldon Keefe is beginning to implement in The Garden State of Hockey. – Joseph Stanislau

154. Boston Bruins – Mason Zebeski LW Mississauga Steelheads (OHL)

SUMMARY: Zebeski is a gritty forward. He has great positioning in the defensive zone. He does a good job of getting his stick in passing lanes. He has an effective poke check which he utilizes with caution. He also has a good physical presence. He is a speedy winger who is able and uses it well. He hustles back defensively. He has a good net-front presence. – Zach Morris

155. Winnipeg Jets – Austin Baker LW U.S. National U18 Team (NTDP)

SUMMARY: Smart center looks to make good plays along the boards and make smart passes to teammates to prolong puck possession in the offensive zone. Austin was able to encroach his way into the slot and score a nice quick snap shot on Michigan State’s defensive misread. Good strong skater who loves to shoot a lot when he has the puck, one downside is that Austin needs to iron out his skating more so on his edges. He possesses the ability to be able to make reads in his defensive zone but needs to get stronger so that way he can be more of a 2-way center at the next level. Have to give Austin a lot of kudos for handling himself and his teammates for playing against one of the top NCAA D1 teams in the country, and not an easy job to handle. – Joseph Stanislau

156. Carolina Hurricanes – Matvei Babenko, LW/RW, Tolpar Ufa (MHL)

SUMMARY: Big and strong, but also skilled and holding some solid undeveloped upside to his game. The Canes yet again look to grab talent in regions that other NHL teams are apprehensive to select from. – Dan Stewart

157. Toronto Maple Leafs (From VAN) – Miroslav Holinka C HC Ocelari Trinec U20 (Czechia U20)

SUMMARY: Holinka is a talented offensive player. He uses his size to keep defenders off of him. He is a speedy skater who has good crossovers and long strides which complement his game well. He has good open-face skating and edge work. He has good stick handles. He has good hands in tight and along the boards with players all around him. He does a good job of controlling possession in the offensive zone. – Zach Morris

158. Dallas Stars – Hagen Burrows RW Minnetonka High USHS-MN

SUMMARY: Pulls opponents to him with his creativity. From there, he’s a dual-threat attacker who works to the inside & works quick strike passing through give-and-goes, quick release from top of the house. – Murray Caldwell

159. New York Rangers – Kirill Zarubin G AKM Tula (MHL)

SUMMARY: A solid 6’4 every time he steps on the ice, he’s an athletic goaltender with impress reaction speed and adaptability. The rangers have notably struck gold with Russian goaltenders in the past, and they see a reason to take a swing on another in the late rounds. – Seth Ditchfield

160. Edmonton Oilers – Ondrej Kos LW KOOVEE (Mestis)

SUMMARY: The first word that comes to mind when one hears Ondrej Kos’ name is “speed.” Kos absolutely flies, thanks in large part to his explosiveness. As a late-round pick with an outside chance at making the NHL, speed is a valuable skill to have. Kos is also defensively aware, and when you put those things together, it’s easy to picture him as a solid third-liner in the NHL. – Brogan Houston

161. Florida Panthers – Caleb Hadland RW Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)

SUMMARY: A fiesty made from sandpaper player…truly hard to play against…plays with a tremendous amount of nastiness..this guy will run you into the boards when you least expect, not afraid to play in rough dirty areas of the ice…nice edges…controls the puck with dipsy doodles in around the net…passes with authority…a gritty winger…a speedster…or stripping the puck away creating turnovers in the neutral zone…has great confidence…high motor. This lines up with our team needs and in a few years he will be a great role player in our view. – Murray Caldwell


162. Vancouver Canucks (From SJS) – Caleb Heil G Sioux Falls Stampede (USHL)

SUMMARY: The Canucks have stated their intention to draft a goalie every other year, so as to always have a few in the pipeline. They didn’t take one last year, so they’ll likely take one in the late rounds of this draft. Caleb Heil’s numbers don’t look great, but he was also one of the youngest goalies in the USHL this year. His biggest flaw is his positioning, but that’s something Canucks goalie coach Ian Clark can fix in a jiffy. – Brogan Houston

163. Chicago Blackhawks – Logan Sawyer- LW Brooks Bandits (BCHL)

SUMMARY: He is a good winger who can impact the offense and was a very effective player at the World Jr A challenge.  He plays all 200 feet of the ice very well.  He has good height and decent weight which I am sure he will build on as that would help his already effective forechecking game. He has good offensive instincts and will likely be a solid third line player that could have an impact on special teams. – Andy Miller

164. Anaheim Ducks – Tommaso De Luca C HC Ambrì-Piotta (NL)

SUMMARY: The Ducks have 1 Italian in Damian Clara, so they swing on another whose shown considerable potential, leading all U20 Skaters in points, and sitting 2nd in U23 scoring. He’s a high-pace high flying offensive threat who can take a quick snapshot in motion, stylistic shades to Nikolaj Ehlers. – Seth Ditchfield

165. Columbus Blue Jackets – Samuel Kupec, LHD, HK Dukla Trencin (Slovakia)

SUMMARY: After several picks to address size on the forward core, the Jackets turn their attention to adding a defensively minded Defenceman that prides himself on playing hard and steady from the back end. Already playing at the pro level for much of his Draft year, he has a easily transferable game. Didn’t have the best showing at the U18’s but in the 6th round he could provide some bottom pair value in the future on either side. – Colin Johnson

166. Montreal Canadiens – Artyom Shchuchinov D Traktor Chelyabinsk (KHL)

SUMMARY: Has excellent mobility and is very explosive. Excellent puck carrier and forechecker. Plays maturely for his age, which is one of the reasons why he played in the KHL this year. He’ll have to improve his strength to improve his puck protection. – Samuel Laplante

167. UTAH NHL – Niilopekka Muhonen D KalPa U20 (U20 SM-sarja)

SUMMARY: Muhonen is a big, physical defenseman who contributes offensively on occasion and generally keeps the puck out of his own net. He’s the type of player that’s useful in the playoffs, which is where Utah hopes to end up shortly. Muhonen is a strong skater, uses his body well, and plays under pressure. He could find himself a job in the NHL eventually. – Brogan Houston

168. Carolina Hurricanes (From OTT) – Tuomas Suoniemi C Kiekko-Espoo U20 (U20 SM-sarja)

SUMMARY: Smaller but skilled playmaking center had a very impressive World U18’s this spring and looks like a solid addition to the Canes prospect pool with the potential to really pop. – Dan Stewart

169. Seattle Kraken – Ilya Protas LW Des Moines Buccaneers (USHL)

SUMMARY: Big broad shouldered forward who is really strong along the left wing and plays with a blend of speed, physicality, and finesse in his game. Ilya is always proactive in buzzing around the offensive zone looking to pop the puck loose and prolonging offensive zone time on the attack. He has really good stickhandling, very good puck distribution, and had a dandy of an assist in this win over Tri-City. He is built similar to Pavel Zacha but needs to add more muscle, and throw the body around more to truly fill out his hockey frame. He can defend well and make those key passes while skating up ice and being able to dangle around defenders for a man of his build. – Joseph Stanislau

170. Calgary Flames – Dax Williams D Calgary Hitmen WHL

SUMMARY: A muscular LHD who knows how to battle and makes excellent first passes. His hockey knowledge and anticipation of when to step up to make a punishing hit to separate puck from player, then get position for outlet passes with contribution on PP with his hard accurate point shot. – Samuel Laplante

171. New Jersey Devils – Kenta Isogai RW Wenatchee Wild (USHL)

SUMMARY: Isogai is a high-powered forward, with intelligent play making, plays with poise, explosive speed and elite shot. – Joseph Stanislau

172. Buffalo Sabres – Joona Saarelainen C KalPa U20 (U20 SM-sarja)

SUMMARY: The Sabres look to Europe with this selection of the two-way skilled playmaking center that has some time before he is expected to be ready to make the jump to the NHL level. – Dan Stewart

173. Philadelphia Flyers – Edvin Nilsson, LD, HV71 J20 (Nationell)

SUMMARY: Nilsson has built his reputation as a reliable and smart defensemen throughout this season. He makes little mistakes in both zones and is not afraid to play the more action-orientated play when he has the puck. He does not lack confidence or drive, which is going to be a great fit for the Flyers blue line. Though he has no eye-catching qualities in the skills department, his mobility is solid and his size is nothing to gawk at either. – Isaiah Bouchard

174. Minnesota Wild – Matthew Virgilio D Soo Greyhounds OHL

SUMMARY: Virgilio is the definition of a punishing defensemen who truly helped stable the blueline of the Greyhound’s which he is a good puck carrier, that being said, he will need to work on his shot as well as his acceleration if he wants to play in a top 6 role of an NHL club. As a side not, the Wild will be truly intrigued of the fact that he is a right shot defenseman who can bring in the heat physically with the great mobility he has. – Tyler Willard

175. Pittsburgh Penguins – Oskar Vuollet LW Skellefteå AIK J20 J20 Nationell                                                     

SUMMARY: Pittsburgh opts to take the highest skill left on the board with Voullet. High level hands a offensive capabilities he had a successful Draft season production wise and is someone that could be a solid scoring winger in a middle six role for the future. – Colin Johnson

176. Detroit Red Wings – Jack Berglund C Färjestad BK J20 J20 Nationell

SUMMARY: The Wings add size and two-way acumen with this selection and while they feel this is a long-term development project selection, they are fine to wait for the finished project. – Dan Stewart

177. Philadelphia Flyers (From STL) – Julius Sumpf, C, Moncton Wild Cats (QMJHL)

SUMMARY: Sumpf is a very smart two-way centerman, with a excellent pair of skating legs as well. He has all the makings of a high effective defensive forward who can make smart plays, utilize his skating for effective positioning, and have the vision to make good offensive plays on top of it all. His main vice that is keeping him a lower rank is his age and his lack luster scoring. Though 55 points is not anything to write home about for an average QMJHL player, one has to remember that Sumpf had transition from European hockey this year, so one can’t dismiss Sumpf completely just yet. – Isaiah Bouchard

178. Washington Capitals – Lucas Van Vliet LW U.S. National U18 Team NTDP

SUMMARY: He is a good two way player. He is responsible in his own zone. He is a good skater with good edge control and vision. His decisions are at times questionable but he has potential. He has been a strong support player on a deep USNTDP team. He has played well internationally for the US. He has some good offensive skills and could be a solid bottom six forward in a few years. – Andy Miller

179. New York Islanders – Jake Fisher C Fargo Force USHL              

SUMMARY: Coach Roy has been given a number of projects in this draft and here is a player who could be a diamond in the rough. If everything went beyond perfect he could be a quality second liner, but his true ceiling is being a third line forward who chips in with points, plays 200 feet hard. He elevates the game of those on the ice with him and is a forward who is hard to play against, like a number of his teammates in the 80’s/90’s in MTL. – Andy Miller

180. Vegas Golden Knights – Jack Van Volsen C Mississauga Steelheads OHL

SUMMARY: When it comes to the style of Jack Van Volsen, it is very simple to how he adapted his role with the Mississauga Steelheads. Even though he had a very difficult year in the OHL production wise, that does not mean he doesn’t have traits translatable to the NHL level as he could become a great bottom 6 piece of a golden knights team that is starting to age due to his great forechecking abilities. – Tyler Willard

181. Tampa Bay Lightning – Martin Haronik G Team Slovakia U18 (Slovakia U20)

SUMMARY: The lighting are beginning to think about what life will look like after Vasilevsky. He has good rebound control which limits the second chance opportunities he surrenders. He has a good glove and does a good job of controlling high shots. He does a good job of tracking the puck and not allowing screens to limit his visibility. – Zach Morris

182. Los Angeles Kings – Chase Wutzke G Red Deer Rebels WHL

SUMMARY: Until his injury in the late stages he was back stopping his team giving them a chance to win every night, athleticism, focus and skating. As one of the best skaters with an unnatural stride. He provides great laterals and passing abilities. It will take several years in development, but we see a positive outcome due to his competitiveness. – Murray Caldwell

183. Edmonton Oilers (From NAS) – Lukas Matecha G Tri-City Americans WHL

SUMMARY: Despite great numbers, Matecha went undrafted in 2023 — likely because of the level of competition he faced in the Czech U20 league last year. Now, after coming to North America and putting up decent numbers, his stock has risen. Matecha was perfect at the CHL Top Prospects Game. He was listed as the third-best goaltender on Central Scouting’s list. He’s somewhat big and he plays his best when he faces lots of shots. – Brogan Houston

184. Carolina Hurricanes (From TOR) – Fyodor Avramov LW Kapitan Stupino MHL

SUMMARY: The Hurricanes continue to look for “their type” of prospects in this draft. Those who play a heavy but skilled game and feel they have added a guy who could play on their third line in a few seasons with this selection. – Dan Stewart

185. Colorado Avalanche – Christopher Thibodeau C Kingston Frontenacs OHL

SUMMARY: When it comes to Chris Thibodeau, he is considered to be quite a gem as he is excellent at being a pest while displaying a great offensive touch. Similar to a Michael Bunting like player, Thibodeau even though is small, he is one of the hardest working players on the ice as he is always in the face of opponents, even though he is slightly older than his competition, he displayed a great offensive touch which he could be a great 3rd line scoring forward. – Tyler Willard

186. Boston Bruins – Marco Mignosa RW Soo Greyhounds (OHL)

SUMMARY: Mignosa had a breakout year with the Greyhounds. He is a speedy winger who generates a lot of offence and good scoring chances. He has good bursts of speed thanks to his crossovers and quick first step. He has a good net front presences and does a good job of tipping and redirecting shots. – Zach Morris

187. Winnipeg Jets – Ethan Fredericks C Omaha Lancers USHL

SUMMARY: Not shy from setting the tone with an open ice hit following through the crest of the opponent’s sweater. Buzzes around the ice looking to create open space using his strong edge work while maintaining strong balance from making such weaves and power moves. Very strong forechecker and will make the opponent pay for not paying attention in their D-zone. – Joseph Stanislau

188. Carolina Hurricanes – Jack Sullivan D Nichols School (USHS-Prep)

SUMMARY: The Canes have added a few forwards and even a goalie they feel brings some higher end upside but only one defender so far, all the way back in round number one. They like his two-way puck moving upside and that they will be able to let him develop for another three or four years before he turns pro. – Dan Stewart

189. Vancouver Canucks –Herman Träff LW HV71 J20 (J20 Nationell)

SUMMARY: When in doubt, draft a 6’3”, 203-lb. power forward with a point and three PIMs per game. Herman Träff showed well in the Swedish J20 league all year and enjoyed 10 games in the SHL as well. He’s a goal scorer at heart but he’s also known to fire nice, clean passes. The Canucks enjoyed this playing style from Dakota Joshua all year and now they have a similar player in the system. – Brogan Houston

190. UTAH NHL (From NAS/DAL) – Roman Shokhrin LD Loko-76 Yaroslavl (MHL)

SUMMARY: Half a point per game in the MHL from a big defenseman is the type of value teams look for with late-round picks. Roman Shokhrin could accurately be compared to Alex Pietrangelo: big, offensive, and smart. He doesn’t rely on his size in the defensive zone, although it is a tool in his tool box. Instead, he focuses on defensive positioning. Shokhrin has the potential to be a late-round steal. – Brogan Houston

191. New York Rangers – Veit Oswald LW EHC München (DEL)

SUMMARY: Stood out at the WJC-20 for Germany as a solid 200ft threat, he held a full-time role in the DEL league and did fairly well. He’s a high-stakes performer who steps up in the important matches and has a nose for the net. – Seth Ditchfield

192. Edmonton Oilers – Adam Hesselvall C Södertälje SK J20 (J20 Nationell)

SUMMARY: Hesselvall showed up offensively in both Sweden’s J18 and J20 leagues. Hesselvall’s shot and positioning are excellent. He also has a tendency to draw in defenders and then set up his open teammates. He is, however, a bit streaky, which caused him to be sent down a league midway through the year. – Brogan Houston

193. Florida Panthers – Miles Cooper C Wenatchee Wild (WHL)

SUMMARY: Plays in all situations PK & PP…excellent edge work, keeps his feet moving, battles for puck possession, explosive speed off the rush. Plays well in the small areas. Not afraid to play in the hard areas. Plays much bigger then his size suggests. – Murray Caldwell


194. San Jose Shark – Vladislav Bryzgalov G Alberni Valley Bulldogs (BCHL)

SUMMARY: Bryzgalov is a high energy goalie with a lot of potential. Since he’s never played in any big time leagues his stock has dropped considerably, but in the leagues he does play in he consistently puts up incredible numbers. Overall he’s built a reputation as a solid sized goalie, with strong work ethic, and a good head on his shoulders. – Isaiah Bouchard

195. Tampa Bay Lightning (From CHI) – Beau Jelsma LW Barrie Colts (OHL)

SUMMARY: Jelsma has great edges, which make him highly shifty. He is a high-IQ player and reads and plays well. He is very fast and demonstrated breakaway speed on numerous occasions. He has a quick-release wrist shot that is accurate and powerful. His passes are usually on target. He has great puck possession in the offensive zone and controls play well. – Zach Morris

196. Edmonton Oilers (From ANA) – Éliot L’Italien C Blainville-Boisbriand Armada (QMJHL)

SUMMARY: L’Italien was a high pick in the 2022 QMJHL Entry Draft, but through his first 60 games he only has 21 points. The Oilers have will have some work to do to get him back to being the player he once was, but he does have that potential to be something special. – Brogan Houston

197. Vegas Golden Knights (From CBJ) – Jack Good C St. Andrew’s College U18 AAA

SUMMARY: When it comes to the definition of pure skill and production, Jack Good fits the billet as he had a crazy season and is preparing his journey to go to Merrimack in the NCAA, great skating and offensive awareness, however he absolutely needs to increase his strength as he on the smaller end of the spectrum. – Tyler Willard

198. Montreal Canadiens – Quinn Kennedy C Rimouski Océanic QMJHL

SUMMARY: A very good playmaker and a good competitor. Good skater with good hands. He can certainly help Montreal in their bottom 9. – Samuel Laplante

199. UTAH NHL – Kasper Pikkarainen RW TPS U20 U20 SM-sarja

SUMMARY: The fact that Kasper Pikkarainen was still available with pick 199 should cause Utah GM Bill Armstrong to party in the streets. Pikkarainen takes pride in the physical aspect of the game, which proves important in the playoffs. He was also trusted enough to play some Liiga games this year. He’ll be a nice addition to Utah’s pipeline. – Brogan Houston

200. Toronto Maple Leafs (From OTT) – Vojtech Hambalek G Bili Tygri Liberec U20 (Czechia U20)

SUMMARY: He has a good blocker and decent glove. He is a fairly athletic goaltender and can easily get up and down in an instant. He does a good job of following passing and tracking pucks. His lateral movement allows him to make good secondary saves. – Zach Morris

201. Seattle Kraken – Darels Uljanskis LD AIK J20 J20 Nationell

SUMMARY: He is a good sized defenseman and is a very reliable defender with a really big reach and with that he does a really good job boxing out opponents. He is a very undervalued defenseman and he definitely could serve as a 2-way defenseman as he molds into a rock solid player for any team that acquires him. – Joseph Stanislau

202. Seattle Kraken (From CGY) – Maxim Velikov LW Krasnaya Armiya Moskva MHL

SUMMARY: Maxim is a left-handed centerman who can facilitate a plethora of primary assists and is an X-factor CSKA’s U-18 team. He can hit, block shots, and generate a ton of high-quality shots on the net while in the offensive zone. – Joseph Stanislau

203. Detroit Red Wings (From SJS/NJD) – Kamil Bednarik C U.S. National U18 Team (NTDP)

SUMMARY: The Wings are happy to select the NTDP center Bednarik who they feel has bottom six NHL two-way center upside. He is a strong physical defender and PK staple who can contribute on the scoresheet from time to time as well. – Dan Stewart

204. Buffalo Sabres – Axel Nyman G Rögle BK J20 J20 Nationell

SUMMARY: The Sabres add a puck stopper with their first of two seventh round selections. They like the natural size the six-foot-five Nyman brings and feel they can leave him in Sweden to develop for a few years and see what they have after that. – Dan Stewart

205. Philadelphia Flyers – Hunter Laing C Prince George Cougars (WHL)

SUMMARY: A big skater with a lot of good qualities, Laing can make plays with ease thanks to his size. He knows his strengths and weaknesses, and as of right now he may not be playing to his best ability, but most scouts will agree that Laing should not be looked over so quickly. He has a good shot, good positioning, and descent hustle that good make him an excellent power forward in the NHL. – Isaiah Bouchard

206. Tampa Bay Lightning (From MIN) – Finn Harding RD Mississauga Steelheads (OHL)

SUMMARY: High IQ defender who doesn’t rush decisions and is very calculated with the puck. Good vision and passes. Brings a physical element along the boards and in front of his own net. Utilizes his reach well which makes his poke check effective. – Zach Morris

207. Pittsburgh Penguins –Bryce Pickford D Seattle Thunderbirds (WHL)

SUMMARY: In the final round Pittsburgh looks to select some upside again taking Pickford out of the WHL. Despite a poor draft year he was a staple on the Seattle blueline that went to the memorial cup final last year. He has the size and the skating to be a impact player, just needs to continue to work on his defensive consistency. – Colin Johnson

208. Detroit Red Wings – Nate Misskey RD Victoria Royals (WHL)

SUMMARY: The Wings finish up their draft by adding some much-needed physical toughness. Misskey is the type of defensive defender that makes you pay a price for venturing into his general area. – Dan Stewart

209. St. Louis Blues –Ales Zielinski RD Moncton Wildcats (QMJHL)

SUMMARY: The Blues add another blueline prospect, but one with maybe less upside. He had a good showing at the U18’s and showed he can play a shutdown role potentially at the next level. A solid skater but much more of a defensively minded player. – Colin Johnson

210. Montreal Canadiens (From WAS) – Juho Keinänen RW Jokerit U20 (U20 SM-sarja)

SUMMARY: A striker who uses his size very well to win battles along the strip. Very effective in front of the net. Powerful shot. He’ll be a very effective grinder to replace Gallagher. – Samuel Laplante

211. St. Louis Blues (From NYI) – Tomas Pobezal C/LW HK Nitra (Slovakia)

SUMMARY: With the Blues final pick they take a swing on upside and skill. An undersized winger with speed, he was the Capitan of the Slovakia U18 team and spent the entire season playing Pro in his home country. Could be a sneaky under the radar pick going forward. – Colin Johnson

212. Vegas Golden Knights – Alexander Shen RW Mamonty Yugry (MHL)

SUMMARY: A great bottom 6 potential forechecking forward who absolutely matches the style of the vegas golden knights has even though he does not have the best skating due to his strides being choppy, there are many aspects of his game in which fits the style of the golden knights as he is very strong winning puck battles, similarly to Mike Amadio. – Tyler Willard

213. Nashville Predators (From TBL) – Frans Haara RHD Skellefteå AIK (SHL)

SUMMARY: Haara is a dynamic, smooth-skating defenseman known for his play in transition and offense. He is an excellent four-way skater who has successfully managed a power play in the past. – Seth Ditchfield

214. Los Angeles Kings – Erik Påhlsson RW Dubuque Fighting Saints (USHL)

SUMMARY: Plays all forward positions, a slick hand, outstanding puck skill and a shooter. Plays with pace and poise. – Murray Caldwell

215. Colorado Avalanche (From NAS) – Max Grundström C Frölunda HC J20 (J20 Nationell)

SUMMARY: When discussing Max Grundstrom’s game, it is one that is very similar to Carl Soderberg, he is an great two-way centerman that Colorado would like to add when it comes to depth as he has great faceoff skills as well as deeply displaying great defensive awareness. He will need to improve on his offensive skills as they are considered below average such as his playmaking. – Tyler Willard

216. Toronto Maple Leafs – Luca Testa C Brantford Bulldogs (OHL)

SUMMARY: The best aspect of his game is his skating, specifically, his edge work and open-face skating. He is a straight-line player who has decent stick handles. Has solid IQ and physicality. Quick release on his shot and solid passes. – Zach Morris

217. Colorado Avalanche –Zachary Bowen G Peterborough Petes OHL

SUMMARY: When discussing the matters of goaltending, Zach Bowen on very weak team put up some good numbers, he is great at moving from side to side which allows him to stop cross crease plays. What he will need to improve on as a goaltender is gaining more poise as sometimes, he may scramble for the puck. – Tyler Willard

218. Edmonton Oilers (From BOS) – David Svozil LD Ilves U20 (U20 SM-sarja)

SUMMARY: Svozil is the younger brother of Blue Jackets prospect Stanislav Svozil, as you can tell by both his name and the way he plays. Like his brother, David is hard to play against, especially in the neutral and defensive zones. David is nowhere near as offensively gifted as his brother, but with a lot of hard work, he could see himself don an NHL uniform someday. – Brogan Houston

219. Winnipeg Jets – Mikus Vecvanags, G, Tukums (Latvia2)

SUMMARY: He is a big goalie, but he needs to add some more muscle to his lower and mid-section so that way he can keep covering that lower third on the ice where he has done an amazing job poking pucks away, and keeping that five hole covered. – Joseph Stanislau

220. Carolina Hurricanes – Robin Nico Antenen C Zug U20 (U20-Elit)

SUMMARY: A strong two-way contributor who can play it any way you want. He is hard on the forecheck, plays on the PK, and can add some secondary scoring when needed. – Dan Stewart

221. Vancouver Canucks – Diego Buttazzoni C Portland Winterhawks (WHL)

SUMMARY: Buttazzoni is more than just a memorable name. He’s also a stellar hockey player, which is why the Canucks selected him with their final pick in the draft. Buttazzoni compiled 55 points in 67 WHL games and added nine points in 18 playoff contests. He showed strong defensive responsibility and determination. We all know how much the Canucks love their BC natives. – Brogan Houston

222. Dallas Stars – Gregory Weber RW EHC Olten (SL)

SUMMARY: Nice clean stride with speed, tenacious, a great work ethic, creates turnovers on the backcheck, strong edge work, deceptive wrist shot, great balance when slipping body checks, excellent versatility to move in & out of the play. – Murray Caldwell

223. Pittsburgh Penguins (From NYR) – Gavin Hodnett C/LW, Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL)

SUMMARY: With the Penguins final pick and the 3rd last selection in the Draft, they take a high offensive talent with some major question marks in Hodnett. On a bad team in the WHL this year he put up 70 points in 61 games. He is a great passer but is supremely undersized and has some question marks in his overall skating abilities. – Colin Johnson

224. Montreal Canadiens (From EDM) – Yegor Klimovich LW Sibir Novosibirsk (KHL)

SUMMARY: A very good skater who uses his speed well. He has great agility. He was very good in the MHL this year. He can get around 1-on-1 defenders. Could be a huge sleeper in this draft if he goes in the 7th round. – Samuel Laplante

225. Buffalo Sabres (From FLA) – Tyler McInnis Thorpe RW Vancouver Giants (WHL)

SUMMARY: The Sabres close off the 2024 NHL Draft with this selection of the big goal scoring winger from the Dub. They feel if he could improve his skating and continue to develop his play off the puck he could turn into a player. – Dan Stewart


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