DraftPro is proud to introduce our latest offering for those who want to stay up to speed all season on the developing NHL draft talent. For the low price of $3.99 (CAD) per issue DraftPro will be offering a season update from the Director of Scouting Jared Brown, an up-to-date rankings, and dozens of in-season scouting reports on the current draft crop as our scouts detail their progress throughout the season.

This will be release bi-monthly meaning every six to eight weeks so fans can track along with our scouts the development of the prospects NHL teams will be watching. This resource will replace the content previously found in the DraftPro Yearbook (No Yearbook will be published this season) and go hand in hand with the DraftPro Preview Magazine released in December as well as the DraftPro Draft Guide released in May.

Download your free sample copy of the inaugural release DraftPro Newsletter Issue #1 by clicking the below link.

DraftPro SEPT/OCT Newsletter (Free)